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Elegant floor in Darcy Miller’s New York apartment as featured on Architectural Digest magazine. This contemporary entryway, as well as her apartment, were designed by David Mann from MR Architecture + Decor . 

For me, just like the saying goes: “Eyes are the windows to the soul”; the entryway of a home is an “access to the heart”. You see, this part of your house is were your visitors will feel most welcome. It is the first impression you give your guests of who lives there. I’ve come to an understanding that this area should be an echo of the owner, a mare representation of who he/she is.

Although, not everybody has a glittering or sparkling personality (I’m one of those), it is very important to have a certain knowledge when it comes to your entryway. For this reason, I have prepared a list of things to keep in mind when decorating or rearranging this area.

Use large mirrors: These can be placed either against the wall (if using the tall ones from the floor up), over a table leaning on the wall or the hanging type. The thing about mirrors is that they tend to make an area look bigger. This is because they double everything reflected or, if receiving a source of light, they can make the area look brighter. When guests arrive at your home, they’ll feel like entering a large room instead of a square long hallway. So, if dealing with an obscure entryway, opt for a mirror, but make the size count!

  ASD Interiors

1. The tall mirror against the wall in this entryway design from McGill Designs, gives an elegant touch to the area. 2. The hanged mirrors help to elongate the wall giving more depth to the entryway. Space designed by Shirry Dolgin.

Use art: Not only does art makes one look interesting and intelligent, but is sure will make any wall stand out. You can use reproductions of real expensive works, or new up-coming artists. If having some great photos of your last vacation to Arabia, Bahamas or Christmas at your moms, try them too. You can even display your little ones’ pieces of art and say you are a proud mommy or daddy of a future Picasso. I’m in favor of putting large black and white photos of my kids. I like them to be close-ups since those cute little smiles grab everybody’s attention. Also, using black and white pictures will not distract the eye from the rest of the room’s decoration.

Southern Accents

Kerry Howard  Mark Ruffalo's entryway featured in Domino Magazine

1. This amazing space from Architect Bill Ingram’s lakeside dwelling, is a good example on how to incorporate art in the walls. Here they helped the ceiling seemed higher because their horizontal placement. 2. Another example of great art positioning comes from Kerry Howard. Here the designer used the principle of symmetry for the placement of the framework. 3. In this entryway from the Mark Ruffalo’s home as featured in Domino Magazine, we can see how they used an interesting mix of art and photos. 

Prepare a cozy approach: If having the space, you can try placing an elegant or modern armchair with a side table. It can serve as a mini-living room or an extension of the real one.

Connell Interiors

Placed on the side of the stairs, this entryway from Connelli Interiors, is the definition of classic and elegant. The color of the chairs makes an excellent contrast against the pale walls. Love how they used a couple of round mirrors to compliment the area. This is a great transitional space.

Use color: For the conservative type, stay with the neutrals palette. Besides making everything look modern and sleek, these colors also bring a sense of warmth to the space. But if you are a daring type, I’ll say you can go with a bright color as long as you keep it to one wall. This way it will function as a focal point on the space. To balance this, you can paint the smallest wall with a bright color and the rest (the longest one) with a more muted hue. But keep in mind to not overcrowd the rest of the area (either with big furniture, lamps or art) because it can end-up making your guests feel overwhelmed. 

  Source: Pinterest

1. On the neutral side of the color charts, this entryway from designer Ned Marshalls, incorporates the Benjamin Moore Bittersweet Chocolate color in contrast with the lavender French sofa. 2. The color of the season, coral, was very well used in this natural illuminated entryway.

These tips might guide you to a really nice entryway, but remember to always try to bring out the very best of you, at the end… your true heart!

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