Hanging inspirations

Feb 28, 2012

Hanging inspiration

By this time and with all the inspiration board writing I’ve made; some might be wondering where my inspiration board is. It may come as a surprise but, up until today, I did not have any. Don’t let your jaw drop to the floor just yet because today I’ll show you “the-making-of-my-very-simple-board”. The best part is that this board has a view!

A bathroom inspiration board

Top right, down: Candice Olson for Benjamin Moore wall paints ; lamp from Lighting Showplace; a similar garden stool can be found in HomeGoods; the patterns ideas were found on Google and the apothecary jars can also be found in HomeGoods
Here is my bathroom style sheet or inspiration board proposal. As you'll notice, I try to keep every detail very cut clean. The colors are all serene hues, and most of the items are either transparent or white. I've decided to use this palette since my bathroom is a little dark (no natural light) and I wanted to preserve the illusion of a big space, not a small one. I've always admire a space that resembles a spa or that has a vintage look. For reference see my previous post I wish it was mine.
Remember that my main purpose with this project is to make a non-invasive transformation. That is why I’ll work with decorative accents and maybe some wall paint. Hope you like it and as always, let me know what you think. Your comments are always greatly appreciated.

Neon flashback!

Feb 27, 2012

Neon bedroom

Apparently the 80’s are back an not just in fashion, but also in the interiors. Neon splashes of color have been showing here and there. You can now find a beautiful kitchen but instead of its regular contemporary metal or wood chairs, the pink neon ones. Before, if you wanted to get notice in your neighborhood you painted the front door red; now, paint it neon green.

The Homies 2012

Feb 26, 2012

The Homies 2012

Recently it was brought to my attention a new meeting spot for all of us home and DIY bloggers. Apartment Therapy is the sponsor of The Homies 2012 were a lot of talented and well designed blogs are inline. Since this was an opportunity to get to know other bloggers and their work, I decided to nominate mine. Let me tell you that if you have not visited them yet, now is the time. At The Homies 2012 you’ll find lots of fellow bloggers divided by categories. Some you already might know, other don’t. But that’s the thing, to find new blogs that might inspire you.

I would like for you to pay a visit the The Homies here and, after you vote for my little space called I don’t know how she does it; immerse yourself in the other blogs. I know it will be worth it.

What I want now: Juju hats

Feb 24, 2012

Lately I’ve been spotting feathery wall decorations. From the simplest white, to the catch-your-eye color; they are called the Juju hats. Here is what Lustable wrote about my new found feathery love: “Traditionally worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa, Juju hats have since gained popularity with interior designers, and are often used as an eye-catching accessory for the home”.

Feb 23, 2012


All this spring inspired trends are available at The Foundary.

I wish it was mine...

What’s not to love about this bathroom? It almost feels like an invitation to come in an relax. I really adore how everything is centered and how the Venetian mirror is well combined with the chandelier and the lustrous bathtub. The rug has also some sparkling threads on it.
What I’m about to revel to you are some of the best (in my humble opinion and for my taste) designed bathrooms; and really, I wish any of those were mine. You see, I have a personal challenge and it is to remodel or update my master bathroom. But the challenge is not only that, the real dare is that I can not remove or change anything on it. WHAT?!?!?!?! Yes, you read right! This is because I live in a rented apartment and I can only make minimal alterations to the space. But for me, this should not be a challenge at all; or is it? The only thing I’m sure of is the fact that I’ll keep all of you posted on these subtle changes. In the meantime here are my favorite WC. My tendency as you will see are the modern-antique-spa like ones. Let me know which are your favorites.
In a more muted tone, this space is all about textures. I can almost feel the wood grain on the door and how this surface is repeated on the cornice on top of the shower. The walls and the vanity resemble the soft pale skin of the shell dish.
1. Antique bathroom with a woodsy feeling. 2. Loving the use of wood on the wall. Perfect combination with the tin bathtub.
How beautiful are these old mirrors over the white wall on a simple space. Gorgeous! This is a great idea; to give second chances to old stuff around your house. If you don’t have any old mirrors looking like this, here is my easy tutorial on how to transform a new mirror into a vintage one. 
Bring nature inside. It doesn’t have to be a tree. With just some simple air plants, succulents or even the so popular Sansevieria trifasciata better known as Snake plant; the room will acquired a more relax eco-friendly look.
So there you have it! Some beautiful examples of great bathrooms. If you want to see my collection of WC, please visit my Pinterest board. I’ve put on it pretty tiles and excellent examples of accessories arrangement all for the bath area.

Easy 1,2,3 tutorial

Feb 22, 2012

1-2 Photo frames from IKEA
Marimekko newspaper from Crate and Barrel

Here are is a guide to give you other ideas on how to hang frames.

Dreaming of an Ombre

Feb 21, 2012

Sounds weird but the truth is that this new tendency of degradation has got me thinking about it lately. And I have to figured a way to do it.

Kidding around

Feb 20, 2012

Baltus Kids Angela Sofa

There are times in life when you have to decide between durability or something beautiful. When it comes to kids furniture, you don’t always have the luck of combining both qualities. But not anymore. The Baltus Collection is now available in the U.S.A. (with showrooms in Miami, LA, Chicago, Dallas and soon NYC) and they have a beautiful Kids line with bright and vibrant fun colors. 

Side table readings

Feb 17, 2012

If you want to relax this weekend and spend some time mentally traveling, here are some great books that will inspire you. I simply love these books because, when ever I’m in need of some muse, I can find it in here. They are all from Taschen but can also find them at Amazon.

With a green thought

1. Image courtesy of House Beautiful 2. Créme de Menthe 16-5919 Pantone 3. “The bright color helps bounce the light around” James Aman; color Tasty Apple 416 Benjamin Moore, image from House Beautiful 4. “This green is striking, and has enough presence to glue together all three floors of this 1800s Greenwich Village town house” Steven Gambrel, image from House Beautiful 5. “[Green is] grateful to the eye” George Washington; color Small Dining Room Green MV3 from Fine Paints of Europe, image from House Beautiful

The Spring edition of House Beautiful is all about the green color. The March issue gives readers dozens of easy ways to bring the hue into their homes. From decorators’ favorite shades to fantastic rooms that will make you green with envy, the magazine shows readers why they should be keen for green.

“As the pages of our March issue attest, there is an astonishing spectrum in green, from citrus to aquamarine,” says House Beautiful Editor in Chief Newell Turner. “Green has many moods—romantic, happy, calming, mysterious—and there is no other color more natural. Before spring arrives, I find myself starved for color, especially all the greens. Who isn’t amazed when trees explode in every shade imaginable?”.


Have a great weekend!

My inspiration board... and some great web friends

Feb 16, 2012

A little while ago I asked my readers and friends to post some inspiration photos of spaces, decorative accessories or anything that inspired them. Here is my board using my good friend’s photos. They certainly have the best taste in the world! Please visit them at their websites and as always, send my love. Enjoy!

1. Bodie and Fou: Their website is mesmerizing. Their modern and unique style in home accessories and gifts is exquisite. They also have a blog with beautiful photos. In this picture is their newest Black Ball chair with an eco-friendly design.

2. Me and Alice: From Sweden, freelance stylist and writer Susanne shares photos from her home. Her style is modern and industrial yet very charming. The picture above is from her own kitchen were you can see how she mixes old and stylish accessories. 

3. William Sonoma Home: From my “What I want now” post, this garden stool made in ceramic with raised lines that expose sections of the clay creating a unique variation to the finish.

4. Happy Interior Blog: Say hello to Igor the young and handsome creator of this blog. His colorful place will make you want to travel the world with his section “From Place to Space”. In this picture from his blog (via Yatzer) he took us to Athens, Greece for an out of this world interior design experience.

5. Live, Love, DIY: On a mission to transform her 1970’s new space, Virginia has embarked herself in to making this house, her home. Here is a small sample of her D.I.Y. home office. Take a peek at what she’s been doing all around her house. She’s got a great taste and a lovely personality.

Feb 15, 2012


Deborah Wecselman www.dwdinc.com

A Greek lesson, or two..

Feb 14, 2012

While daydreaming about my family’s next vacation, I ended up in Greece. I’ve never been there physically, but mentally I can say I have lots of “frequent flyer” perks. Never the less, I know one day I’ll travel there to see one of the most ancient, intriguing and fascinating spots on the planet. Who wouldn’t want to stay in one of those beautiful bay-side hotels all white inside and out, while gazing the sunset over the best blue horizon. I’m in!!!

Now that I came back from my imaginary travel, I realize I can bring part or Greece to my family room. Maybe adding some Greek Key pattern to my cream curtains will make me feel like a goddess. 

Here are some great examples on how to incorporate this theme in an interior space. Notice the little Greek details. Even Zeus would be jealous of these spaces.

Betsy Brown

Tish Key ID  Caitlin Wilson Design  Gold and Gray

For this project I used some Ikea curtain panels that are made of a sturdy jean-like fabric which makes them perfect for painting. With my ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape on hand, I started to make the Greek key pattern.

My before curtains were looking nice but missing something.

What I masked was the part that I did not want to have color on. Using a long strip of tape, I marked where the pattern will begin. After finishing with the design, I took that guide out. Because I did not want a drastic look on my curtains, the color used on them was regular flat wall paint in a light color (Behr Dolphin Fin… yes… again!). Using a sponge brush on the first curtain, I notice it was a little bit slow and difficult to handle. So, for the second curtain panel I used a small paint roller. It leaves an even trace on the fabric and glides better. To help settle the paint when it was completely dry, I iron each panel. This will help the color to last longer on the fabric when they are put on the machine.


I believe that, although my design isn’t perfectly squared as the Greek keys, it adds a lot of personality to my curtains. Even my little one liked them! Have you tried painting your curtains or any fabric lately? If so, share it here. I would really love to see your work.

I would like to send a BIG THANKS to ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for sending me their wonderful product for reviewing it. I certainly had a blast with these projects I’ve been doing.


Feb 13, 2012


Happy Valentine’s Day

What I want now: garden stools

Original art by Lindsey Meyer

Lately everywhere I go, stores are fill with new merchandise for Spring. Color is all over the places and it seems that gardening is the main topic. Since I live in an apartment and the only plants I take care of are two succulents and one orchid; I can not fill my living space with garden stuff. Or can I?

A great revelation

Feb 11, 2012

Never have I understood so much about interior design and handmade anything until I started blogging. I already new that the Internet was filled with tons of information but, to find the one that lifts you off your feet and makes you want to daydream; is a total revelation. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite websites. There are a lot more, these are just an small example in my huge list. Make sure to visit them and mingle a little. Tell them I send my love

Happy Interior Blog Happy Mundane  Sanvie Blog Bright.Bazaar    

Domesti8dhttp://sodapop-design.de  Design, Dining + Diapers  April and May

Also, make sure to visit The Creative Orchard Blog because she is having a great Link Love Blogroll for all of you creative people out there. 

Creative Orchard Blog Spread the Love

Feb 10, 2012


From my little blogging space to all of you, I don’t know how she does it wishes you a very Happy Weekend!

Fragmenting the reflection

Feb 9, 2012

I have a big obsession with mirrors. Maybe it came from my Marie Antoinette narcissism years or the fact that I love the instant clarity they can provide to a room. Whatever the reason for my infatuation, the truth is that if it was for me, I would have mirrors everywhere just like in my dear Versailles Palace.

Chevron: lines with a rank

Feb 8, 2012

It is everywhere lately. You can find it on purses, pants, shoes, toss pillows…and now it is on my wall. I’m talking about Chevron lines or patterns. If you haven’t stumble upon it, now is your opportunity to admire this new design trend. Read on to see some nice examples and my how to.

Mommy friendly remider

Feb 7, 2012

My oldest daughter has this thing that she inherits from her father. For me it is a day to day constant struggle because it is not easy to deal with forgetfulness. Don’t get me wrong I love her from here to the moon and back. So much is my love for her and her sister that I came out with this easy D.I.Y. of a mirror chalkboard post-it!!! A  W-H-A-T???

Color, the posibilities are endless

Feb 3, 2012

The other night, while on my part-time job as a blog spy, I discover the epiphany of color and design. My sighting was made on the April and May Studios Blog, more especifically on her post “Hello Sunshine”. In it she presented several beautiful photos that highlighted the color yellow. But the one with the wicker yellow chair, won my heart.

My geometric lamp

Feb 2, 2012

I’m always looking for ways to entertain myself, whether doing a new project or figuring out how to change once again my “quasi” entryway. Recently while flipping the pages of the latest Elle Magazine a picture attract my attention. More than the picture, what made me stop and stare was a beautiful lamp.

Feb 1, 2012

Thanks to LiveLoveDIY (www.livelovediy.com) for telling us about Ikat @ Target. I finally found it! Thanks Virginia.

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