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Mar 29, 2012

Being a Pinterest-enthusiast as I am, there is not a day when I have to remember myself that I need to take some time to make just one craft a month. But then again, when you are trying to run a blog, have a baby, an elementary school daughter and a husband; who has time to craft?!?!?! Well I do, or at least I try to. 

Two in one transformation

Mar 28, 2012

The Spring season seems to be inspiring a lot of us into making happy colorful things. This Friday I’ll have for you one of those Spring-y projects that will make even the  ”Grouchiest” one smile. Today I’ve decided that, although not colorful inspired; I’ll give a new look to my rattan planter. This accessory has been with me for years and it literally had ran from corner to corner around my house. Nevertheless, it has always fulfill each of those corners by adding an accent. But the time has come for it to transform into something a little more update.

Inspiration Board: Paris Flea Markets

Mar 26, 2012

Brooke Giannetti

I just love everything vintage and if it comes from a flea market in Paris, better.  What’s not to love about a mysterious finding in one of the Tour Eiffel’s city. Everything there seems to have a story to tell. From small buttons to giant wall mirrors. All is romantically enchanted!

That was then...this is now

Cup Half Full

Sometimes the best way to make a change in an area and to personalize it, is by incorporating an item from past decades. This technique of Mix and Match is very useful because it brings an element of surprise to any room and can sometimes be a very inexpensive way to make great changes. When trying to Mix and Match at your home keep in mind that the piece you’ve selected has an element of design (line, color, form) that echoes the surroundings. That way the item will automatically and visually belong to the rest of the room.

Today I’ve gathered a series of Chinese elements that can be use to Mix and Match in different rooms. In every set I have placed the original or antique piece followed by its modern High-end version and the contemporary “Budget-friendly”.

1. Bamboo centre table 2. Indian Cove end table 3. Bambo Tray table

1. Original Chippendale Chinese Mirror 2. Pompidou mirror 3. Ethan Allen Chippendale Mirror

1. Great Pagoda Photo 2. Pagoda Lanterns 3. Pagoda Lamp

1.Original Quan Yi Armchair2.Quan chair by Jinr3. Phillip Stark’s Mi Ming Chair

1. Antique French armoire 2. Chinoiserie armoire by Julia Gray 3. End Table

I'm feeling woodsy

Mar 23, 2012

Great and modern furniture and accessories all from The Foundary. I’ll have the light wood console. All of them are simply amazing. 

Wood is my second skin. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I live, eat and a breathe interior design, and wood for me should always be present in an area. Whether you decide to put it as batten wainscoting, a side table or a lamp; its natural grain an organic feeling is another great way to bring some outdoors inside.

Mar 22, 2012


 I don’t know how she does it wishes you a very Happy Weekend!


Nowadays everything around us is advertised as organic or eco-friendly. At times for me this tends to cause confusion “is it made with organic materials? or is it recycled? how much of it is green?”. But it has come to my attention a new word: “Repurpose-able”.

Paul Schulman, a Chicago-based designer and mill-worker is promoting the use of items you already have giving them a new life; hence making them “repurpose-able”. I really love how he has given a new meaning to this word. For him “going green doesn’t have to be using all organic or eco-friendly”.

See how Paul added some fun touches to these décor spaces.


Give an old dining room chair or nightstand table a new life by repainting with a fun, bright color using eco-friendly paint.

Use old glass jars or mismatched wine glasses to help decorate a bookcase or shelves by filling with colorful buttons, glass stones, flowers, etc. The jars can also be used to store pastas, wheats, and spices in the kitchen.

Wall art by creating bulletin boards from vintage frames, fabric and ribbons from a craft store.


Create mobiles or hanging sculptures using old wire hangers and vintage jewelry or by hanging fun shapes in a kid’s bedroom. Also, take miscellaneous framed canvas artwork from around the house or from a thrift store and hang as a collage of paintings in a bedroom.

Great ideas from Paul Schulman Design. How would you re-purpose an area or an item in your house. Let us know. 

What I want now: Agate

Mar 21, 2012

1. Chandelier from Emporium Home 2. 1970’s Italian lamp by Willy Daro 3. Side table by Brenda Houston 4. Toss pillow by West Elm

Agate, a beautiful stone and a variety of the chalcedony quartz (a group of stones made of a microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline), can be found in different colors except the green and blue ones which are very rare to come across. Today this hard rock is my latest decor fixation.

Bathroom day 2

Mar 20, 2012

I know it might seem like it has been taking forever, but I’m sure these results will please a lot of you. Continuing with my non-interference bathroom renovation, today I’m sharing with you the tub area (the rest will come in a later post; I want to keep you guessing) which I’ve taken the time to think and rethink the possibilities. You see, when you only have paint and accessories and you want to see real results in an area; one have to play around a little with additions until every piece of the puzzle makes sense.

Doors that might talk

Mar 19, 2012

Following my House Encounter post, today I’m sharing with you a few of the doors I’ve found during my family’s road trip. Their charm and mystery will make you wonder what these doors have to say. Lets hear see them.

Enchanted door in the Owens Thomas museum in Savannah, GA.

A door in front of a cemetery? Yes indeed and, although that might sound spooky, I love how the violet flowers looked on top of the block wall. Savannah, GA


Iron gate around the corner of York Street in Savannah, GA. It really looks like I was a step behind the secret garden. If you are wondering, the fruits on the door are oranges.

Although not a real door with knobs and hinges, this is a natural entrance to the beautiful gardens in Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina. As you can see, here Spring has arrived.

In the middle of an abandon site, I found this door in St. Augustine, FL. I love the transom (sol trunco in spanish) on the top; a perfect match to its wood construction and white wall, both surrounded by nature.

House encounter

Mar 17, 2012

Last week my family and I had our first road trip ever. We went from Miami, to Savannah then to South Carolina, Atlanta and back to Miami. This trip was so spectacular that I’m starting to plan our second road trip but this time, we are going to stay longer in Savannah. This old town is so enchanting, that in only two days one can only see 1/32 of its beauty.

Today I’m posting some stunning houses I found along the way. Some are just to die for while others are just gorgeous. I’ll try to do my best to set them in time and place. Hope you enjoy my selection of houses.

In old Savannah you’ll find…


Three storey buildings. You might find some wonderfully covered with vines while others, with fabulous arcs. Who says Victorian style?

Historic homes painted with pastel colors. Pay extra attention to the details on the balcony.

Bungalow style houses with beautiful fronts.

Spanish moss everywhere. Here is an interesting legend about this moss that is neither Spanish nor moss.

Red door with a hitching post in front. Imagine the stories if this horse could talk. Uff!

Spectacular round shapes on this house porch. I’m trying to figure out what is this house’s style. Maybe another Victorian style house?

Mix and very well match front gardens.

A Greek revival house with elegant Corinthian columns.

South Carolina splendor

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. I fell in love with its flowers and architecture. This is house is the third generation. 

Some history in Atlanta

Stately Oaks Historic Home. While it is no Twelve Oaks from Gone with the Wind, it’s the best next thing.

With the sunset on one side, another beautiful house in Atlanta.

St. Augustine around 1800’s or so


In a more modern side, a Moorish influenced house. Look at those windows.

Mar 9, 2012


To all my LOYAL followers, Happy Weekend!

Surround yourself with green

Mar 8, 2012

Plants have always fascinated me. Every time I get the chance to visit my nearest hardware store, it is a requirement to pay a visit to the garden area and enjoy all those green and full of life plants. While being there, time seems to stop and it feels like heaven. Since I live in an apartment, the only plants I get to enjoy are my neighbor’s backyard and can’t help to daydream about the day I’ll have my own Secret Garden.

Mar 6, 2012


New Spring bedding collection now available at Coyuchi.

1. Lace Decoupage 2. Coffee 3. Vintage Nautical Lobster Buoys

Lets twist again

A quick illustration I made using Google Sketchup to show you how my family room is looking so far. 

How many times have you found yourself thinking how to give a new twist to you family room. I’m one of those persons who can spend the entire morning moving around all the furniture only to end up with the same old configuration. I have come to the conclusion that this might be because:

  1. I’m afraid of changes

  2. I just got used to my space (old habit)

Well, not anymore. Today I’m going to show some ideas on how to twist a little that family space without pulling a muscle.

Just another inspiring Monday

Mar 5, 2012

Here are my picks of great publications from Issuu to get you started on this Monday morning. There are lots of excellent spaces decorated with great taste and beautiful and unusual items for your home. So dream away!

Superhero power tool: Day 1

Mar 1, 2012

The before picture of my bathroom reality. It will get better, I promise
Have you ever felt like having the power to do new things? Or that you are the only one in the world who knows how to do them? Is that feeling that almost makes you rush into things like the powerful Wonder-women!
Well, I felt like that a couple of days ago and it was just because I knew I had a great project to do and the best part; I had the Superhero power tool for the task ahead.
Today is my day number one of my kind of a bathroom renovation. And when I say kind of is because the place I live in is a rental and my design interference should be kept to a minimum. I know for sure I can handle this and, as I said on my previous post: challenge accepted. On this day I’m going to be transforming one of the bathroom walls with this new and innovative device called U-Stripe It & Design tool. Phill Menendez, the distributor of this wonderful tool, saw my Chevron painted wall and kindly offered me to try his product and see how easy and fast it was to create intricate designs on the wall (while cutting the job in half the time). How could I say no if this tool was going to make my wall design task much easier!
I knew for sure that the U-Stripe It was in for a ride because I’m a tough cookie and will not settle for straight lines. With this in mind I started looking for some ideas of patterns. Here are some interesting designs.
1. Orangerie 2. Pembroke 3. Fretwork 4. Honeycomb
The one that had me at hello was the hexagonal one (second from left to right). For me this form is a circle wanting to be squared. The first thing I did was a digital drawing as a reference to help me discover the angle at which the diagonal lines needed to be (60 degrees). The materials are very simple: ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, 60 degree set square, U-Stripe It tool and a tape measure.

Now that I knew the angle, I use a 60 degree set square to draw the first line. After this, the rest was easier to do with the U-Stripe It tool. I only had to make sure that the distance between each line was the same from side to side and then from top to bottom. Here is a compilation of the step by step.

1. Start with the diagonal lines after deciding on the degree of the angles. 2. Continue making lines on the opposite side of the previews diagonal lines. See how well the tool assisted me on the job. 3. It’s starting to look like diamonds. 4. Finish with the design. Now they look like stars. 5. Now paint. 6. The end result are my beautiful hexagonal figures.
The U-Stripe It comes with a level which makes the task very smooth and it is easy to lock in place after you decided the width of the lines you want to paint. I really loved the outcome of my wall. It took me no more than an hour or so to make these lines. This tool made my hexagonal design a breeze.
You can buy the U-Stripe It tool on their website or on their Facebook page where they have great ideas with photos.
Look for day number 2 of my bathroom renovation. Now, if only I could prolong the hours of the days or have a Mjolnir (Thor’s mystical war hammer that has been shown to be capable of opening passageways through space and time); wow, the things I would do!
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