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Color impact on your walls

Color Block wall decals Mina Javid
One can select from the Color Block the “Slant” or ” Parallel” collection.  (Photo: Blik)

If you are tired of having blank walls around your house, but hate the idea of painting (either because it is a rental or the mess of the paint itself); here is a great to solution to add a pop of color to your space. Color Block wall decals by Mina Javid (architect and owner of the design firm Mina Javid Design) use color and crisp geometry to change the perception of your space. Dramatically change an area and transform the feeling of a room through the use of bold, overlapping colors on smooth walls, ceilings and floors.

Color Block wall decals Mina Javid
These wall decals come in four color combinations to chose from. (Photo: Blik)

These creative wall decals (design to be mixed and interlocked) come in sets and are available in four color combinations, all of which complement one another. Here is an interesting video on how these Color Block decals are placed on walls. It is a very easy and fun task.

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