Decorating with indigo blue

Aug 19, 2013

The blue I used on this wall is from Behr at HomeDepot, Twilight Chimes.
Behind every color, there is a sense and perception of what it means. Not always an specific hue might produce the same emotion to everyone, but there are some basic understandings to the general masses. In case of the indigo blue, it's a color that stimulates the right side of the brain, the creative activity. Because it was largely used by the royalty, this blue is related to elegant interiors and sometimes even dramatic. The intensity of the emotions this color could create will greatly depend on the areas used as well as the materials.
Today I'm sharing some interesting ways to incorporate this color in your home; either on the walls, like I did on mine (photo above), or accessorizing.

On the living room at the left (Photo: Veranda), blue has been used on the walls as well as in the sofa. Wood accessories and exposed concrete beams, help to keep the color in the area balanced. An elegant tufted headboard (Photo: Casa de Valencia) and some abstract paintings on the walls (Photo: Michael Graydon), make an excellent use of the indigo.  
An intricate design, similar to those found on native American pottery, is an excellent way to make a focal point on this blue wall (Photo: Veranda). A display of beautiful handkerchiefs, when arranged like on the photo at the right, can look like a work of art (Photo: Snippets of Design).
If indigo blue sounds to intimidating to you, perhaps a sofa or a set of curtains will do the trick (Photo: Design Shuffled). If still a bit insecure, an arrangement of patterned plates on the wall will be of great design interest. (Photo: Elle Decor)
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August #8decoshots

Aug 15, 2013

On this vignette I did for the #8decoshots challege, the main theme was rusty
We just started August #8decoshots. This month's themes are rusty, bottles and fruits. If you are new to this challenge and have an Instagram account, the rules are simple: upload a photo with these themes (one theme per day, upload as many pictures as you like), tag @yaniralapuerta and myself, besides using the hashtag #8decoshots. The photos should have no more than 8 elements (per theme). For example, 3 oranges, 2 apples and 10 grapes; each fruit group counts as an element.
You still have time to join us for lots of fun and inspiration. Here are some of today's posts. To know more about each picture, just click on it to be directed to its contestant.

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HomeGoods posts recap

Aug 7, 2013

For those of you who didn't knew it, I'm sharing some great decoration ideas on the HomeGoods blog with other very talented bloggers. Everyday there is a new post from any of us with incredible ideas on everything from decorating your kid's rooms to an easy food recipe. Here I've done a recap from some of the post already published. Feel free to select your favorite image above so you can easily see what I've up to on HomeGoods. Hope you enjoy the travel!
Kids roomsChairs and MirrorsWashi TapePillow CombinationRecycled Glass Vases
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Succulent propagation

Though I might be new to the succulent world, I can definitively tell you that when transplanting some of these beauties, some leaves might fall. The way I've seen (and for me it has worked) they can be easily propagated is by leaving this small leaves lay over the same soil that you have the mother plant. Any dried soil might help and some sun too. In a while they will start to germinate from the side they were attach to the original plant. Here is prove that, without a lot of struggle, you can easily propagate your succulents. What has worked for you? Please share your advice.
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Make your own mood board

Aug 4, 2013

I stared this mood board from the piece of newspaper I placed in the center. From there I came out with everything around. The newspaper gave ideas on color, textures (the surface of the paper itself was a great start), and forms. From there on I could figure out a bathroom scheme and the look of a future kitchen.
Simply put, a mood board (or inspiration board like some like to call them) can be a combination of inspirational images, small items, samples, etc. This artifacts, when put together, can help in the development of concepts or to the presentation of an idea to a client. Us interior designers like to use these types of boards to show how materials can work together on a space. These boards can also come very handy when doing positive affirmations or for making a bucket list. The possibilities are endless, you just have to start with a couple of photos you love or some keepsakes. Here are a couple of mood boards to give you an idea. 
From A Creative Mint, this gray and yellow collection is the epitome of mood boards. 
A couple of foreign writing, a piece of beautiful ceramic and some red pieces here and there, make this inspiration board an exquisite masterpiece. (Photo: Wild Goose Chase)
From interior designer (and muse), Kelly Wearstler, this is one of her fabulous "vibe trays" where she can get a better sense of the room she is working. Just gorgeous!
Now that you have a better idea on mood boards, share with us the theme you would select when doing yours!
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Newspaper walls

Aug 1, 2013

Newspaper on walls is not a bad idea at all. 
Have you ever wonder how newspaper can be use in other ways other than for reading purposes. Well, while doing the Instagram challenge called 7vignettes (by Interiors Addict), I use newspaper on the back of the photo as an accent wall. Crazy, you might be thinking; well not at all. I turned out pretty nice and the best thing is that it cost nothing compare to wall paper (beside doing a good thing by recycling). Here are other cool examples on using newspaper on walls.

Used as the backdrop on the bathroom at the left (Photo by: Dana Gallagher), the newspaper on the wall adds a vintage look to this small but cute space. On the photo at the right (Photo by: Melissa Stimpson) the abstract piece of art on the wall is a great idea to make a statement. 

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