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Make your own mood board

I stared this mood board from the piece of newspaper I placed in the center. From there I came out with everything around. The newspaper gave ideas on color, textures (the surface of the paper itself was a great start), and forms. From there on I could figure out a bathroom scheme and the look of a future kitchen.
Simply put, a mood board (or inspiration board like some like to call them) can be a combination of inspirational images, small items, samples, etc. This artifacts, when put together, can help in the development of concepts or to the presentation of an idea to a client. Us interior designers like to use these types of boards to show how materials can work together on a space. These boards can also come very handy when doing positive affirmations or for making a bucket list. The possibilities are endless, you just have to start with a couple of photos you love or some keepsakes. Here are a couple of mood boards to give you an idea. 
From A Creative Mint, this gray and yellow collection is the epitome of mood boards. 
A couple of foreign writing, a piece of beautiful ceramic and some red pieces here and there, make this inspiration board an exquisite masterpiece. (Photo: Wild Goose Chase)
From interior designer (and muse), Kelly Wearstler, this is one of her fabulous “vibe trays” where she can get a better sense of the room she is working. Just gorgeous!

Now that you have a better idea on mood boards, share with us the theme you would select when doing yours!

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