13 Days of Sweet Halloween Treats

Sep 29, 2013

Halloween... a time to spook, to howl and to do some baking too! An certainly if you are like me, you might be planning on doing some spook-tacular party that involves costumes and sweet treats or maybe some cupcakes, candy apples, cake pops and everything in between. If this is you, have I got great news to get you inspire!!!
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores along with Wilton have gathered together some fantastically talented bloggers to bring you (insert here spooky voice with echo13 Days of Sweet Halloween Treats! And I can proudly say I'm one of them!
Jo-Ann asked each blogger to come up with a unique sweet treat using Wilton products and beginning October 1st, each one of us will be sharing a new sweet treat inspiration day by day until October 13. Make sure to follow along and catch each of the deliciously sweet Halloween treats these talented bloggers share!
Check out the star-studded line-up: 
October 1st: Skip to My Lou
October 2nd: Blissful and Domestic
October 3rd: Positively Splendid
October 5th: The Girl Inspired
October 6th: 4 You with Love
October 7th: That’s What Che Said
October 8th: Family Ever After
October 9th: Baby Loving Mama
October 10th: Sweet C’s Designs
October 11th: A Pumpkin and A Princess
October 12th: Polka Dot Chair
Once all the posts have been shared, make sure to check back Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Blog October 15th – 30th to vote for your favorite sweet treat!
What will these be turned into? Don't miss my creation on October 13, 2013.
Happy Baking-ween!
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Book Review: House Beautiful Quick Changes

Sep 12, 2013

Wow, what a book! I just had to start this post with a gasp because after just taking a quick glimpse to the House Beautiful Quick Changes "Fresh Looks for Every Room", I was so inspired to start new and cool projects around the house. You see, sometimes one might think that changes in a space can come to be very expensive. But the truth is that with some moving around or just by using day to day items to decorate, you can make a great impact in your home (I strongly recommend reading page 101 on using old letters to cover the back of a cabinet).
This book is ingeniously divided into eight parts: Accessorize-it, Paint-it, Wallpaper-it, Mirror-it, Cozy it-up, Punch it-up, Refresh-it and Simplify-it. Just crazy good!!!
I'm giving away one of this books. If you would like to own this, just go to my Instagram account (@idknowhowshedoesit) and leave a comment under the photo of the book. I'll be randomly selecting one winner on September 15, 2013. Good Luck!

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Succulent pumpkin

Sep 9, 2013

If you've been a reader of mine for sometime now, you know that beginning on September, all the holidays to come are my favorite ones. Fall is a season to cherish not because of the climate, but also because the color palette that it brings. I love the autumnal shades, and whether I see them in decoration or in nature, they make my heart feel warm and cozy specially around my family and friends.
Today I'm going to be sharing a special and kind of different approach to the common Halloween pumpkin. Because I've been having a succulent fever for sometime now, I'm going to do a pumpkin cover mostly by these plants.

Last year I bought a grapevine pumpkin (from Michaels Stores), which I'm going to adapt and use for this project. Besides this you'll also going to need some small succulents, a glue gun, charcoal fiberglass screen (which I had some leftover from one of my last projects) and potting soil (from Home Depot).
The first thing I did was to take away the pumpkin stem so I can have access to the inside. After this, I used a glue gun to attach the ribs that hold the vines together to the border of the opening (first small photo from left to right). Now using a pencil (second small photo), I placed inside the screen which was going to hold the soil. You can see on the last picture above how (with some pressing) the inside of the pumpkin looks with the soil inside. The idea is that when I plant the succulents, each one will have direct contact with this soil.

Before starting to plant, I divided the each by size. This way was easier for me when I placed them over the pumpkin. When planting I used the biggest succulents above and from there I decreases the sizes, ending with some medium or small and using the tiniest ones to fill the gaps. For the eyes I used a different colored succulent (this one is called "Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg") so that they stand out and to give a bit of reality, I used for the stem one that looked like wood (this one is callef "Portulaca Molokiniensis Hobdy" commonly known in Hawaii as "Ihi"). For the mouth some smaller leaves succulents were used (this are "October Daphne") and to finish it all I added some other types on the top and on the back of the pumpkin.
This project was so fun to do and definitely a different take on the traditional Halloween pumpkin. So what do you think? What other projects are you doing for Fall of perhaps for Halloween. I would love to read about them. Share them with me! Hope you like this easy and fun tutorial.

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Fall inspired door wreath

Sep 8, 2013

Fall wreath

Maybe a little late, but I really enjoyed doing this fall inspired door wreath. The best part is that everything on it smells like Autumn. Because I didn’t want to use the common browns and oranges, I took advantage of the greens and yellows, to make it a little more brighter. Here is a little how-to for my newest seasonal door decor.
For the materials, you can find them at your favorite craft store; mine is Michaels, so everything I used (except the oranges, cinnamon sticks and the grapevine wreath (this last one item was from Target’s one dollar area!!!)) I bought it there.

1. Fabric leaves 2. Plastic miniature pears 3. A bag of mixed small pumpkins and squashes 4.Cinnamon sticks 5.Oven dried oranges 6. Raffia (which at the end, I did not used) 7. Fall bush with small pumpkin 8. Eucalyptus branches.
Before I started gluing and attaching, I did my own oven dried oranges. It was so easy to do! Here is how:

Oven dried oranges

After all this was done, I started gluing in patches. This way it was easier to see where a pear might be needed, or a cinnamon stick, to make the wreath acquired a 3D effect. One thing that I did to add life to the composition was to darken the leaves’ veins and borders. To do this I used some Prismacolor markers similar to the colors of the leaves (but you can also use cheap markers, making sure to paint in layers until the desire effect).

Fall wreath  Fall wreath

At the end, and to hang the piece, I used some burlap ribbon (from Michaels) to add a vintage-barn look. With it, I made a medium size ribbon to balance the heaviness of the wreath.
Hope you like the outcome and let me know what things have you done to decorate your door or even your house during these seasons. I’m planning on redoing my door again with a Halloween flair decor. Let’s cross fingers!

Fall wreath
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2 Waverly yards, 4 projects

Sep 3, 2013

In honor of the 90th celebration of Waverly fabrics, I was given the opportunity to participate in the challenge "Waverize It!" hosted by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. They kindly send me a sample of 2 yards of fabric to work on different projects around the house. When the package arrived, I was so surprised by the modern design on the cloth but mostly because of the bright blues and greens that seemed to pop. I quickly started thinking about the possibilities one can do with this fabric; from updating some items I already have to making new stuff. I was so psyched, I ended up doing not one or two, but four different projects all having the "Back to School" theme to go along.

My first project was updating a decorative pillow with a new envelope cover. On the photo you'll noticed that I've made a quick diagram on how to do this cover. Remember to measure your actual cover an adding 1/4" around for the hems. To decorate it, I printed a clip-art of a phrenology head (you can find a similar design and more at The Graphics Fairy) on an iron transfer paper (available at Michaels). Since the design had words, I printed it on reverse so when ironed, it can be read correctly.

Before gluing the fabric, I measured the height and diameter of the original shade. To this measurements I also added around 1/4" for the hem. When applying the glue by parts, I put some around the border and on the skeleton of the original shade (as you'll see on the last photo).
The second project was to recover an old an boring lamp shade that was in my daughter's room. With some fabric glue, I cover this shade making sure to pull tightly around so it will look straight.

For the frame with Waverly fabric on the borders, I placed the magnet strips around and then wrapped the frame while pulling and tucking. For the other frame I cover the cork instead of the frame and added some circular studs around the white area.
For the third project I transformed two photo frames into mini cork boards. The interesting fact about one of them was that on the border I used some magnet strips so that my daughter could use her beautiful collection of magnet flowers.

On my last project I made a bunting with some of the colorful Waverly fabric and card stock paper that I already had around. With spray glue I pasted some of the fabric over a fine cardboard and let it dry. After a while, I cut out the triangles and hanged them with some small binder clips. Easy as 1, 2, 3; don't you think?
With all this projects I still have some fabric to go, so I was thinking on doing a valance for my daughter's room or even another pillow cover. Let's see where the Waverize It! fever takes me!
So there you have it! If you want to participate in this wonderful contest for the opportunity to win up to 9 yards of fabric and $250 Jo-Ann gift card, just visit Jo-Ann's Facebook page to submit your creation. Wishing you the best of luck!
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