A simple Christmas craft

Oct 31, 2013

I've been dreaming about Christmas season the whole year, and now that it's so near, I can't contain myself on doing my first merry craft. Today's tutorial is a quick one. All you'll need are some cinnamon sticks available on your nearest supermarket and a glue gun.

First I cut my cinnamon sticks in half and glue this halves together in sets of four. After doing this 4 times (2 sidewalls and 2 roof wings), I start putting the cinnamon house together. To make the roof, I used one of the cinnamon sticks as the center beam. For the side walls I used the same method as the roof (using beams). You'll noticed this on the second photo. For the wall on the back of the house, I glued some more sticks and, for the front, I used 4 long sticks and  4 smaller ones so I could leave an opening. The door was made from 3 cinnamon sticks. Of course an itsy-bitsy chimeny was a must!
This project was so fun to do and inexpensive too! Hope you've enjoyed this as much as I did, and don't forget to leave me your feedback. I really enjoy reading what's on your mind!

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Autumn colors

Oct 27, 2013

Had a blast during this weekend pumpkin carving with this sweet little darling. Love the ivory color on this pumpkin and stamping some leaves was the best way to go. Hope you have a wonderful week fill with gorgeous colors and happy events. 

Photo: Gloribell Lebron

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A skull cushion

Oct 23, 2013

Add some spooky accents in your home with this easy tutorial. Find the tutorial for the big pillow here.
 Photo: Gloribell Lebrón
It is so easy to think about pumpkins, ghosts and even skulls when you talk about Halloween. But lets find a way to translate this into a cute interior's accent. Why not do a small skull cushion, not sewing required. For this easy project, I'm providing you with the printable which you can download it here. All you'll need is some white fabric, iron transfer paper, and to decorate this bony beauty "a la Dia de los Muertos" style I use some Tulip Beads in a Bottle. Since this is a no-sewing project, I used Aleenes's Fabric Fusion fabric adhesive which gave me an excellent result to put this guy together!

All the materials can be found on Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Photo: Gloribell Lebrón 
First print the provided art that you can download here. Wait a couple of minutes for it dry and then iron it following the instructions on the package of the iron transfer papers. Once this is all set up, I enhance the black parts of the skull using Tulip Fabric Markers. Now I was ready to start decorating the piece with the Beads in a Bottle. To do turn this into a cushion I cut around the head (having a second piece of fabric on the back) leaving about 1/2" around it and glue together both pieces. Leaving an open in the top, I fill it with some old pillow stuff I had around. To close it, I glue this end. Photo: Gloribell Lebrón
My finish skull decorated like on of the Mexican "Día de los Muertos" figures. Photo: Gloribell Lebrón
As you'll noticed this is an easy and fun project to do. This skull guy had my little one busy for a looong time!!! Mission accomplish. Happy Halloween!
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Vote for the "Monster Parade"

Oct 14, 2013

Today starts the voting process for the "13 Days of Sweet Halloween Treats", a spook-tacular blog-hop hosted by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and Wilton. Please feel free to take a couple of seconds to visit this link and vote for your favorite creation. Hope it is mine! If you missed my post, here is the link also.
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A monster parade

Oct 13, 2013

The perfect setting for your Halloween party, the "Monster Parade". Photo: Gloribell Lebron
Finally I get to share with all of you my take on the "13 Days of Sweet Halloween Treats", a spooky but at the same time, fabulous blog-hop hosted by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and Wilton. I get goosebumps because I'm posting on the 13th of October (fingers cross for good luck!). Hope you enjoy my projects and that you get inspired not just with my treats, but with all the other bloggers' delicious creations. To take a peek at the list of bloggers by date, click here.

Between monsters and skeletons

Using a store bought cake mix, I transform their typical form into these monster eyes spooky cakes. Instead of using the 8"x 8" common pan size, I use the Wilton mini angel food cake pan. Following the instructions in the box, I made these ahead and let them rest until room temperature. Because I had some mixture left, I use it for making cupcakes that will later be turned into skeleton chocolate graves.

After these cakes were done, I cut off the tops and, while they were cooling, I prepared my skeletons for the cupcakes. In a Candy 3D Skeleton Bones mold from Wilton, I pour some Wilton Candy Melts (previously melted following the instructions on the package) and placed the tray on the freezer. After about 20 minutes they were ready to be pop up easily.

Remember to cut that pop out part from the cakes (left). White chocolate skeletons ready to be half buried (right).
Photo: Gloribell Lebron
For the gooey stuff over these cakes, I prepared a basic sugar glaze (a recipe from Wilton here) and divided it in 2 batches. On one of them I pour some red food coloring. Carefully I drizzled over the cakes (now with the cut side to the bottom) the white glaze, letting it drip over to the sides. Afterwards I did the same with the red glaze. To finish it all I added the Wilton candy eyeballs and "I've created a monster"!!!

Skeletons that seem to pop out of cupcakes and dripping oozing cakes with red eyes?!?!? Yes, please.
Photo: Gloribell Lebron
For the cupcakes, I made some basic chocolate frosting and crumbled some chocolate cookies to make the dirt effect. Over it I place the white chocolate bones and we have the sweet reenactment of the "Night of the living dead"!
Because the parade was incomplete, I also made some caramel candy apples and decorated them with Bone Sprinkles from Wilton. In some plastic lab tubes, I made a Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Cookie Crumbles (Tierrita Dulce) dessert. The vanilla mousse in this recipe (click the link above) got its slimy color with a bit of green food coloring. For an added spooky touch, I did a couple of bat sugar cookies using the Wilton Halloween cookie cutter.

These lab tubes were incomplete until the word DEAD was stamped with blood (well, not really, but red ink will do)!
Photo: Gloribell Lebron
I just love Halloween and this entire blog-hop has been spook-tacular. Please remember to visit the rest of the creative bloggers whose projects were awesome. Also, during October 15-30, Jo-Ann is going to launch a contest to select your favorite food-craft. So please make sure to visit them on their blog to make your vote. And, because I know you are dying to run to Jo-Ann with so many inspiring ideas, here is a coupon to take with you on your next visit (valid until October 31, 2013).

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My fall shelf

Oct 12, 2013

The little hedgehog (from Target) and the cardboard pumpkin with white flowers from my previous project, are my favorite pieces. Photo: Gloribell Lebron 
Just moving around some things I had around my home and other forage branches laying in a corner, I got the chance to figured out my fall living room "ever-changing shelf" . Though I didn't want it to me too Halloween-y or autumnal, I played with colors such as amber, browns and oranges. Hope you like it and can get some inspiration from it.
My fall shelf has some old dried branches I found on the street, and a wheat bouquet to add a natural feeling.
Photo: Gloribell Lebron
The cardboard skull (covered with telephone book pages)  and the mini orange pumpkins, are the pieces that speak of the Halloween season. Also, my collection of old brown bottles add a bit of mystery to the scene.
Photo: Gloribell Lebron 

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Fun Halloween crafts for your home

Oct 5, 2013

Recently I was approached by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to join their "Celebrate the Season" campaign where a selected group of bloggers would have to do a craft around the theme of #spookyspaces for Halloween. I couldn't be happier knowing I'll be making something crafty for one of my favorite seasons! So here we go!

Eat your heart out decorative pillow:

The beauty of this decorative pillow comes from not having to sew and that it was made like an envelope cover for easy take off and cleaning. I used for gluing the Aleene's Fabric Fusion Adhesive that came in a big box of crafting materials from the wonderful people at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.
For this cushion, I used a gray chevron fabric from Jo-Ann and a beautiful graphic from the The Graphics Fairy. You can download it here.
I first printed my graphic on an iron transfer paper and after completely dry, I proceeded to transfer the image following the instructions on the package. To make the illustration pop, I enhanced some of the details with a black Tulip Fabric Marker. To make this envelope cover, I first measured an old square cushion (18"). Since I needed to sides (front and back), I had to add an additional 1/4" all around for gluing the front side. For the back side I added an additional 3" (besides the 1/4") for the overlapping of the envelope. You can find an easy to follow diagram I created here. I have to say that I was amazed on how well this adhesive worked. Not having to take out the sewing machine and to still come out with a great result, was a pleasant surprise.

A spooky blackboard

So many cool messages to put, I bet this fun chalkboard will be a hit in your kids room or even on the kitchen with a message from Mr. Skull saying "Don't forget to eat all your veggies for strong bones".
For this project you'll need some small canvas that you can also get at Jo-Ann (I used some old ones I had hanging around my home) and some chalkboard paint, contact paper, fabric and Tacky Glue.  
I started by placing the canvas upside down over the fabric to cut it. I added to each side about 1"so I can glue it nicely on the back. After this I spread some glue over the canvas and watered it a bit so it will glide evenly. I placed the canvas over the fabric making sure to tuck the sides tightly on the back. Before proceeding to the next step, I had to let the fabric now glued over the canvas, dry completely. Now for the design, I found some cute pixel illustrations here originally used for cross stitch and printed them on some Contact Paper. I cut this illustrations and placed them over the dried canvas. With the chalkboard paint, I cover the entire canvas including the contact paper (as you'll see on the last photo). After the paint was dry, I took off the paper and ended up having a cool blackboard to display spooky messages.

Pumpkin with spiders

A cardboard pumpkin or even a skull goes a long way!
For this easy project all you'll need are a cardboard pumpkin (Jo-Ann has several sizes), some dried flowers (but plastic ones will do), spray paint and plastic spiders (but other insects are also fun). I had some hydrangeas that I let dry for a while and painted them white. After they were spray painted, I let them dry and made the holes on the cardboard pumpkin.  Later on, I placed the dry painted flowers in the holes of the pumpkin and, with some Tacky Glue, pasted the the spiders. I placed a dry branch in the center for added drama.

Hope you enjoyed these 3 easy tutorials. If you want more inspiring ideas for Halloween or the seasons to come, remember to stop by the Creativity Made Simple from Jo-Ann where you'll find the materials you'll need for that special season project. Also, take advantage of the coupon valid until October 31, 2013. You can find it here.

(The following review is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores® Celebrate the Season campaign. I received compensation for this review; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.)
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