Country Living: The little book of big decorating ideas (Preview)

Apr 25, 2013

Hitting the shelves on your nearest bookstore on June 2013, the new book from Country Living, The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas is soon to be on the top list of designers and decorators enthusiasts. Filled with easy to do home projects (287 to be exact) and ideas on how to give new uses to old things, The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas is like having a D.I.Y. agenda for each day of the week.
This compilation from Country Living Magazine best decorating advises, has everything from ideas for storage solutions (my favorite is #71: to put away flowerpot saucers, use a sink dish drainer) to great wall art options (the best is #240: using beautiful framed paper bags as wall accents)  It even has the famous "How to Instructions" at the end.
It also has something for the gardeners (the professional or like me, the "green-less thumb" ones) with so many beautiful well illustrated photographs. To give you an idea of how easy and inspirational The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas is, below you'll see how with some day-to-day items I can rapidly arrange a towel display with a simple apple ladder. Perfect for the visitors bath!
So now for the good part, I'm giving away one of this spectacular book to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment below for a chance to participate.
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HGTV new fabric line at Jo-Ann

Apr 24, 2013

If you like to sew, now you'll love it even more. Jo-Ann has join forces and creativity with HGTV to bring a new and colorful collection of fabrics. This new line has upholstery, print and outdoor fabrics besides a great compilation of beautiful trims and the best part is they are all available either on their store or online.
Jo-Ann has kindly send me some beautiful pieces to make something for my readers. So I decided to start by making some new toss pillow covers. Since these were covers, I placed a zipper on the bottom of the cushions for easy cleaning. If your are doing these using an old pillow, measure it but remember to add 1/2 inch to each side for seam purposes. For the zipper, I just followed this easy tutorial.
These were very easy to do. The fabric feels strong and resistant which is a good thing to keep in mind when one has children around the house. I love the colors and patterns because they can be mix and match with so many other things and in so many places. Here you'll see how I placed them in my room over my bed, but also in my sofa and they were a delight to look at.
From now until May 4, Jo-Ann is having a 10% off on the HGTV fabrics collection. Take advantage of this great deal by printing their coupon available here and bringing it to the nearest Jo-Ann store. If you need some ideas on combinations, I've arranged some great ones so you don't arrived empty handed to the store.
HGTV fabrics collection
These fabric swatches are from the HGTV upholtery collection. From left to right: Pop Art Quartz, Looseleaf Citrine, Boho Lattice Emb Platinum and Dazzler Platinum.
HGTV fabrics collection
From the HGTV print fabrics collection, left to right: Color Study Berry, Artistic Streak Berry, Circling Passion Fruit and Fully Laced Quartz.
HGTV fabrics collection
From the HGTV outdoor fabrics collection,  left to right: Hazy Days Spa, Treillage Spa, Palm Perfection Jade and Treillage Jade 
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Color impact on your walls

Apr 18, 2013

Color Block wall decals Mina Javid
One can select from the Color Block the "Slant" or " Parallel" collection.  (Photo: Blik)
If you are tired of having blank walls around your house, but hate the idea of painting (either because it is a rental or the mess of the paint itself); here is a great to solution to add a pop of color to your space. Color Block wall decals by Mina Javid (architect and owner of the design firm Mina Javid Design) use color and crisp geometry to change the perception of your space. Dramatically change an area and transform the feeling of a room through the use of bold, overlapping colors on smooth walls, ceilings and floors.
Color Block wall decals Mina Javid
These wall decals come in four color combinations to chose from. (Photo: Blik)
These creative wall decals (design to be mixed and interlocked) come in sets and are available in four color combinations, all of which complement one another. Here is an interesting video on how these Color Block decals are placed on walls. It is a very easy and fun task.
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Bath fixtures by Lalique

Apr 15, 2013

Lalique bath fixture
Who doesn't love Lalique sculptures? They are the epitome of quality, elegance and beauty. And now with a new series for the entire bath including fixtures for the washbasin, bath and shower; the luxurious atelier THG-Paris (recognized by the elite EPV Quality label) has partnership with the French line to bring this enchanted and opulent collection.
Lalique bath fixture
This new collection, adorned with the most delicate crystal sculpted figures, is inspired in angels, water nymphs and butterflies and comes in 35 different finishes to choose from. THG has beautifully given the names of Papillon (to the butterflies), Ange (for the angels) and Naiade (for the water nymph). For more ideas and information visit their website THG Paris.
Lalique bath fixture

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#8decoshots starts on Monday

Apr 12, 2013

This Monday, April 15, the #8decoshots challenge starts on Instagram. This is the second month that Yanira La Puerta (interior designer and artisan) and myself throw this interesting contest where all you have to do is share a picture (and tag it with #8decoshots) of the given theme. During this month we are focusing on interior design as you'll see in the picture above. This is the schedule for April:
- Monday 15: illumination
- Tuesday 16: focal point 
- Wednesday 17: ombre 
- Thursday 18: cozy 
- Friday 19: gold 
- Saturday 20:  height 
- Sunday 21: transparency 
- Monday 22: organic
I'm posting some tips on Instagram for each of the themes during this days so come and visit.
This challenge only lasts 8 days so come on over and join us there. We can't wait to see so many creative ideas. There is going to be a prize that we'll reveal later on. 
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Great taste and ideas from HomeGoods

Apr 8, 2013

dinner table plates trends spring 2013
Don't settle a space with a too "matchy-matchy" approach. Try mixing and matching different patterns for an astonishing end result. Those colorful main dishes were my fanfind on the Midtown HomeGoods in Miami.
Recently HomeGoods had its editors' event were they presented some of the Spring trends 2013. On the venue they styled rooms from items collected by bloggers (like myself). Each blogger had the chance to go to its nearest store and find their favorite item that made them desingHappy. Here are some interesting takes on what those styled rooms looked. Needless to say Spring is looking good!

bedroom decoration bed colors
The lovely purple color on the wall makes a great backdrop for a suede azure chair. It also helps the wall-art take a first stand. On the bedroom you can spot some beautiful pillows selected by the designHappy blogger, Ivy .
office orange color spring wall art
Full of orange pops here and there, this office space has an organic flair. From the wall art on the back, to the sculptural lamp (a selected item by other of the designHappy bloggers, Susan) the details are all in agreement by color and form.
yellow family room coffee table spring 2013
Yellow, marine blues and sands, those are the mayor forecast colors for this Spring.  Love that coffee table's industrial look and feel.
bloggers HomeGoods
These are the banners use in the event. Courtney at the left and myself at the right.
Bloggers HomeGoods
From left to right: Cathy, Ivy and Susan all bloggers at the designHappy blog from HomeGoods.

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Learn how to make basic terrariums

Apr 6, 2013

terrarium tutorial succulents
For sure many of you might think that terrariums are a fuss to do. Some of you might even have thought that "they take too much time", "making them is a mess" or even that "they are too expensive to do". Well, the good news is that 1. I've done mine in less than 10 minutes, 2. they are not a mess to do and 3. they are very inexpensive. Taking all of this into consideration, and after reading this tutorial, you'll see that these "little green worlds" (as I fondly call them) will even be a great alternative for gift giving or for the "brown thumb" ones (like me).
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American West decor items

Apr 5, 2013

My top 5+1 items from Ruby+George's collection; clockwise from top left: Streamline Polaroid Land Camera, Antique Navajo Rug 2'8" x 4'7", Navajo Rug w/ Salmon Pink, Custom Mounted 8-Point Deer Antlers (similar), Rustic Wood & Iron Hay Pulley and Dramatic Deer Skull.
For me, vintage inspired artifacts have always capture my attention. Today, while doing a little web-surf I discover this great site called Ruby and George. They specialize on "Modern American West" adornments for decorating your surroundings or to exalt ones beauty. This eclectic mix of interesting items is ran by Ruby and George's grandson, Ian Kennedy a renowned photographer with a acute eye for quality and beauty.
For more information on this beautiful items you can visit their website or also you can find some of Ruby and George's collection on One Kings Lane.
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Juju hat easy tutorial

Apr 3, 2013

juju hat decor
I've always admired how pretty this Juju hats look on almost any type of decor style. A little while ago I wrote about them and presented you with some great examples in a variety of colors and sizes. This little guys make a great focal statement.
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Have you heard of the #8decoshots?

For all of those decor lovers an passionate photographers (or like me, in training); a good friend of mine and interior decorator collegue, Yanira La Puerta and myself are doing an interesting challenge on Instagram. We've called it the #8decoshots challenge and it consist on posting a photo daily during a period of 8 consecutive days. Beforehand we've establish a list of interesting words to go by each day. The photos you post should be a good representation of that word. Below you'll find one of our first selection for the word delicate.
#8decoshots challenge instagram delicate
At the end of the challenge we select one lucky winner based on the unity of his or her work and how well anchored each photo is according to the words.
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Wästberg's lamps in Milan

Apr 2, 2013

Wästberg lamps
With simple lines and a variety of muted yet beautiful colors, this Wästberg W103 Inge Sempe lamp (in aluminium and steel) are going to be a big hit in the up coming Milan Trade Fair 2013. Take a peek at some of them!
Wästberg lamps
Wästberg lamps

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