A simple home decor to start 2015

Dec 29, 2014

I love moving things around in my home, I believe this helps keeps the energy flowing. And now that a 2015 is about to begin, a new look and new energies are more than welcome. So after having Christmas decor for more than 2 months, it was time to stir things in my house.
For me taking the tree and all the decorations down before January was a big "no-no". But after what seems to be a loooong period of time in my head, I was ready for a new start. Having most of my old accessories out and a good mood helped me with the transformation.

Needless to say the furniture was the fist thing I had to move a re-accommodate. After that, it was all a matter of styling and adding new items to this living room. To try something different, I placed my tow accent chairs (from Home Decorators Collection) in a corner to make of them a chatting spot. The fresh sunlight that comes in the morning is perfect for this area. Between them I placed my small side table from Target to served as base for the bronze table lamp (from HomeGoods) you might remember from this post.

Eventually I'm planning to do some sort of magic trick in the wall behind those chairs since it is the only spot that looks and feels empty (thank you to all the lovely followers from my Instagram account for all you ingenious ideas).
Having this corner "almost" ready, I moved my sofa to the other side of the fireplace framing this area. In the center, the coffee table (that never existed) have been replaced by a big rattan chest from Ikea which is perfect to hide my kids' toys. Don't let them know this but I intentionally placed a glass bottle over this basket so they don't open it (they know it will break!!!).

Over my mantel I like to keep thing simple, so a couple of rustic accessories were enough. I bought two Moroccan lanterns at World Market and a glass and bronze star that match perfectly my style.

Over at the sideboard table I placed my lovely wood letters from HomeGoods and the industrial style lamp (also from HomeGoods). The test tubes were a great find from Anthropologie from a couple of years ago.
I love the look this area is taking. I know some other details are needed, but I'm getting there. What are your decor ideas for this new year? Share with me some of your resolutions.

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Winter Wonderland rustic gift wrapping ideas

Dec 19, 2014

Gift wrapping is one of the many fun instances of Christmas. When time allows, I love preparing packages for my love ones to make them feel extra special. Is my personal way of expressing how important they are in my life.
Since we are one week away from that special and very anticipated day, today I'm sharing my Winter Woodlands gift wrapping ideas with a rustic touch. The accessories used were all from Jo-Ann and I'm joining them this year for the #MakeItGiveIt campaign.
Before I started packing, I bought some rolls of Kraft Gift Wrapping paper and started stamping them with a set of (similar) pine cones rubber stamps. You can mix the stamps or use them separately, the final outcome will be great either way.

After this part was done and the ink dry, I started wrapping the boxes. Now that I had them finished it was time to start with the decorative accents.
One of these accents was a twig bird nest which I filled with moss, saw dust and mini pine cones. At the end I sprayed some glitter for that special Winter touch.

Another of the accents was a snowman cookie cutter wrapped in burlap strips. At the end I placed a piece of ivory colored moss and a tiny pine cone from Idea-ology.

On other gifts I use a silk leaf, similar to dusty miller, to make either a wreath or to adorn a pine cone.

I love how these gifts ended up looking and I'm sure everyone will enjoy their special little Winter Wonderland adorn. Don't forget to post your #MakeItGiveIt craft project on Instagram (before December 25, 2014) for a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store gift cards. Visit their #MakeItGiveIt page for more information.

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Lamp Christmas wreath

Dec 12, 2014

Finally I finished this wreath for my dining table lamp! Since I did mine from some remaining branches of my natural Christmas tree, it took me a bit more time than I expected but all worthwhile.
I love my lamp from School House Electric and Supply Co. because its minimalist look goes great with my dinning table. It brings great illumination to this space and everyone that comes to our home always compliment about the beauty of it.
During the Holiday seasons, I love hanging little accents form it to make it stand out even more. But this Christmas I was determined to make a focal point out of it. So in comes the wreath.

All I used were some leftover branches from my Christmas tree, galvanized wire and some ornaments and ribbons to hang. I first placed four branches over the floor in a circular form. Using the wire, I join the branches everywhere they met each other.

Having this as the skeleton of my wreath, I place it over the lamp securing it over its arms using more wire. To make it look plumper, I placed more branches everywhere I saw a space. Each time a branch was added, I made sure it was fasten with wire.

The finishing touches of my wreath were some ornaments I had at hand from the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge and others that I made.

To hang these beautiful ornaments I use a green ribbon and a cork one I found at Michaels.

The plastic transparent ornament in this wreath are from JoAnn and I just place some tiny pine cones inside of them. I also used smaller ones but instead I used sawdust for an added rustic look. 
I love how beautiful this looks during the day and at night the three light bulbs on the lamp brings a very special color to this wreath. Although I know this accent is near electricity, I'll try to keep this lamp off just in case. We don't want to bring the house down!
Keep enjoying the Holidays!!!!

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Recycled wood Christmas tree

I'm a strong believer of the phrase "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". So when my dear cousin send me these beautiful set of recycle wood Christmas trees, I knew I had to do something special to show how easy one can transform a simple item into a powerful and merry statement to reinforce such an important movement.
These trees measure around 8" each, but Eco•shapes has them in many different sizes (Including a big one measuring 4'). You can order your own through this page.

For my little tree I just wrapped around a Eucalyptus branch (from Hobby Lobby) and a small metallic garland from Martha Stewart I bought a few months back. After securing each part on the back of the tree with staples and tape, I proceeded to make the base using wood disks with a strong glue.
While I waited for that base to dry, I cut some smaller pieces of wood disks that will turned to be tiny bases to put some small ornaments.

To do so I use the Black and Decker jigsaw to cut these pieces in half. Since these are small disks, I fasten them to a bigger board with a clamp so I didn't cut myself. A sandpaper help me to level and soften the part I just cut.

After gluing these pieces to the mini•tree, and placing some mini pine cones as ornaments, I had myself the most beautiful Recycled wood Christmas tree EVER!

You can find Eco•shapes trees on Facebook, Instagram and on Brands of Puerto Rico. Hope you enjoy this easy tutorial and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
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Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge 2014

Dec 11, 2014

Welcome to my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. I've been holding this for so looooong I can't hardly believe the day has finally arrived! When Home Depot contacted me for this challenge I almost felt into the ground with such great news. I was so ecstatic (and still are) not just because I was going to be part or a group of talented bloggers whom I admire for a long time; but the fact that this time around there were "mystery boxes" got me smitten with all the countless possibilities there could be inside of them.

Another thing that really took me to cloud 9 was the email stating the part of the home that I got to work my magic around: THE MANTEL. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you should know by now how much I love this mantle of ours. It's vintage look is my pride and joy in this new house.

So now without any further ado, here is part of my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. Hope you get the chance to visit THIS LINK for more details on this mantel decor and more fun ideas. Also, don't forget to leave me comment; they really mean the world to me.

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Natural elements centerpiece

Dec 9, 2014

This year I've kept busy during the Holiday season decorating throughout our new home. You might be thinking that perhaps it is the novelty of owning a property, but I'm pretty sure that this place has an atmosphere filled with some sort of magic. The morning sun we get is simply a beauty to watch as it is when setting, bringing a calm feeling to the surroundings.

So taking advantage of that lovely light we get as the sun sets, today I'll be sharing a Holiday table setting as part of my posts for BHG at Walmart. Their Holiday decor selection is exquisite and I'll be mixing regular items and Christmas inspired accessories from the stores. Some of these you can buy online, while others are only available at Walmart.

For this setting I used a BHG Natural Table Runner (72") as a base to add an additional texture to the wood grain of my dinning table. For a dose of color, I knotted some twine and embroidery threads in green tones on the borders making sure that the ends were uncombed. Love how this piece looks so different without doing much to it.
My next step was to create the centerpiece. I used eucalyptus branches I already owned over the runner to add some greenery to this vignette. On top of these I placed two BHG Hurricane Pillars Candle Holders in different sizes (8" and 12") to create interest in heights. Because these have a space under the plate that holds the candle, I added pine cones for a Christmasy look (also from BHG but available only at Walmart stores).

For the candles, I found a set of BHG Flameless Led Pillar Candles that use battery and can be turned on or off with a tiny cute control (can you believe that!!!). And to top it all off, they smell so good (vanilla scented)! To decorate them I just placed some grapevine branches around each candle.
Now for my most important pieces, the metal wire deer (available only at Walmart stores) that also serve as candle holders. To make them look prettier, I made two small wreath from faux pine branches (look here for the tutorial) as accents on their necks.

Now we are set and ready to received our guests and entertain them around the lovely centerpiece by the candlelight.

So honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Network where, as a blogger, I've received compensation by BHG at Walmart. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

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Easy tiny Holiday wreath

Dec 8, 2014

I love preparing crafts for the Holidays. They've always made me feel merry somehow and even more when I can create them using materials I already own. Because of this today I'm sharing a quick way to make a small wreath with branches of leftover faux Christmas tree branches (but also with real ones). For this you'll need 3 pieces of these branches of around 8" each, (soft) craft wire and small Christmas ornaments.

All you'll need to do is to join the tree pieces together with the wire making sure that each corner merged softly with the other. This part is very important because it will give the look of continuity to the piece. To attached the ornament I also use the craft wire.
This small wreath is a great way to adorn the cabinet doors in the kitchen, but also excellent accents to small Holiday decorations.
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and look for my next post about decorating a Holiday themed dinning table using this tiny wreath.

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Rustic, eclectic and vintage style Christmas tree

Dec 1, 2014

Rustic, eclectic and vintage is what better describes our Christmas tree decoration. This year's ornaments are in gold, silver, and copper but in many instances, the worn-out version of these colors. Burlap and cardboard elements are what add a hint of rusticity to the look but also texture to the arrangement. as so the grapevine star (which I bought a long time ago at Target).

Last year's tree top didn't worked, so I had a small star mirror around our home (previously adorning on of our walls) which now groups together and completes the style.

These religious inspired ornaments are available at Target.
Metal, mirrors and mercury glass ornaments are some of our beautiful tree accents this year.
Mirror ornaments in the form of cute forest animals and mercury glass balls bring an additional glimmer to the tree.

Metal letters from Michaels add a personal touch to our tree. Each 5 of us has it own initial decorating the tree.
From my +The Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge I had some ball ornaments remaining and decided to use them to fill in some spaces around the tree. These came in two different sizes which I love because it created an interesting balance of proportions.

Mr. Nutcracker, always present during this Holidays.

A fiber basket served as my tree base. 
Although I'm still trying to decide which type of style can my tree fall in, I can surely say that I fell in LOVE with my tree's decor. What style of theme is your tree? Share with me your ideas, I would love to read them.

List of ornaments:
Big mercury glass balls from Target
Small metallic balls from Home Depot
Grapevine stars from Target
Small mercury glass grapes from HomeGoods
Small metallic stars from Ikea
Small metallic letters from Michaels
Burlap ribbon from JoAnn
Metallic colored Nutcrackers from Target
Small metallic colored nuts from HomeGoods
Mirror forest animals from Target
Religious ornaments from Target
Basket as tree base from HomeGoods

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