Valentine's day easy craft

Jan 31, 2014

Say it with love... but this time around, love for nature. If you've been reading my blog for some time now, you should know about my appreciation for plants. And if they require little or no care at all, I'm in!
This Valentine's day I'm sharing my love for plants and crafts with this easy and fast tutorial to make this heart come to live. All you'll need is a grapevine heart (from Michaels Stores), some moss (I used a variety pack from the Moss Collection available at Jo-Ann) and if you like, some air plants (you can buy yours at your local nursery, mine are from Isaac Farms in Miami).

Carefully using a hot glue gun, start pasting pieces of the moss on the grapevine heart (I only did this on the front side of the heart). Try mixing different types of moss to give this heart its happy beat. I love alternating the creams with the greens. For this project I only did half of the heart but you can always make the entire piece.
To finish this, on some of the gaps remaining on the grapevine heart I inserted small air plants. I think it adds some vitality to the entire project. This heart can be place with the door with a beautiful ribbon or over a mantle.

Though there were no reds of cupid arrows in this project, there was a lot of love involved. After all, love is what makes this world turn around, so why not make it a better and happy place with plants. Happy Valentine's day to all of you lovely followers!

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Shadow Type book

Jan 16, 2014

"Shadow Type" is available on its hardcover edition on Amazon. You can get the paperback on April 1st, 2014.
Before computers, there were very skilled hands and minds that created beautiful and artistic typography. Forget Illustrator or Indesign, these types were created in such a perfectly way that one can only wonder how on Earth can that be done.There were certain decades (40's-70's) that really made a huge impact in designing certain styles, like the "shadow typography" which took the sculptural beauty of regular letters to another level adding a dimension to the ordinary.
On the new book "Shadow Type" from Princeton Architectural Press, the examples collected by Steven Heller (leading historian of graphic design) and renowned graphic designer Louise Fili are simply one of a kind. These types, from different eras and styles (Italian, French, German, Art Nouveau, etc.), can serve us to infuse new ideas whether in graphics or in the interiors.

I've grouped a series of photography from the web (as I got so inspired by this book!) to show how well it can translate in designing spaces.

1. Typography wallpaper from Pixers. 2. A beautiful wall design inspired in "shadow type" from Artemisia. 3.Block and shadow letters in the for of wallpaper from Wall and Decó. 4. A receiving area in an office with a beautiful "shadow type" work from Marta Cerdà . 5. Door with a hip and modern design from Typography Served. 6. A classic approach to interiors but with a touch of modernism with the typography art on the wall

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Modern accessories

Jan 15, 2014

1. Carl Robinson wallpaper 2. Aura Lights from Ladies and Gentlemen Studios 3. Sony DSC-QX10/W smartphone attachable 4.45-44.5mm lens-style camera from Amazon 4. Brass Himmeli heart from HRUSKAA 5. Rebecca Atwood's Lattice Shibori pillow from Calypso St. Barth 6. v5 Rocker from Skram Furniture 
Many of the iconic elements that have been making a huge statement in the interiors are the geometric. These forms seeing in almost any accessory for the home, are now part of my inspirational board. I believe that in order to make a style verbalization, one can always turn to an elegant geometric pillow or even a luxurious yet efficient accessory for the phone. Suddenly my list of "needs and wants" has incremented! Which of these might be on your "to have" list?
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Accent wall redone

Jan 9, 2014

Sometimes it helps to gather a bunch of your favorite things to see what are the colors and patterns that jump to your eyes. I realized that here the corals and rough textures were the most prominent elements. After you do an exercise similar to this, you will have a clearer idea of what it is that you are aiming for in your project.
Subtle changes are always good, either for a person who rents (like myself) or for people who are afraid to do a huge "360 degree" modification on their houses. Today I'm prepare, yet again, to change my accent wall in the living room. This time I've been searching for "2014 color" inspiration and trends besides compiling some ideas on a Pinterest board for this area.

Both images are of the same wall in question. I first did the famous chevron pattern, but got tired pretty soon. So in comes the indigo! But now is time to change again.
Thought this piece of wall might seem small, the impact it produces on my visitors is incredible. That is why I always take good care when selecting my colors and pieces for this area. And because of this reason, I'm choosing Sherwin-Williams paint for this project joining in the #MyColorResolution campaign.
These are the color finalist on my "Maybe List". Which one will you chose?

Thanks to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post. All ideas, images & opinions are my own.
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