Serene bedroom styling

Mar 28, 2014

From a natural look with green accents and accentuated textures, I've changed my bedroom into a more serene and relax space. Without even looking for new accents to update my chamber, it all began when I came across a comforter set on clearance in one of my favorite stores, +HomeGoods. One thing that made this set standout from the place it was laid down, were the colors. Sand, soft aqua and java hues reminded me of a hidden seaside where I can sit and unwind while enjoying a warm comforting breeze (did I took you there?).

Your bedroom is the place you go to recharge and relax. Make it unique and serene with a soft color palette.
Now that I had this amazing deal all wrapped up in my arms (shhh don't tell a soul but it only cost $39.99), it was time to make some styling decisions on what type of accessories to pair it with. Thoughts of crystal water, sandy textures, seashells (just to name a few), were the first ideas that pop into my mind. So let's see how I mix and match all this in one space based on my comforter!

The comforter set came with a small sequin decorative pillow. I bought a bigger cushion that had some of the colors plus a soft beautiful coral for an added contrast. The seashell trinket was another treasured FanFinds from HomeGoods.
The silver coral votive candle holder (also from HomeGoods) pairs so well with my new One Kings Lane silver rim planter (Looove it!!!)
I have to confess that this change really suits my bedroom and personality. The feeling of calmness (very much needed) is incremented by all the soft hues and the accents I discovered during this new journey. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I would love read about your big or small change that made an impressive shift of mood in your surroundings. 

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Little Haus Spring 2014

Mar 24, 2014

I'm beyond excited to be featured on the Spring edition of Little Haus. Click here to see the entire magazine so full of great interiors for a dose of inspiration!
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Copper lamp from craft plywood

Mar 23, 2014

Recently while looking at the Jo-Ann Spring Craft Trends on the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores website, I got inspired by the new and upcoming tendencies. I also found that we are on the National Craft Month and these guys are offering a coupon for $5 off on a purchase $25... Wow, now that's a deal!
Now back to my Spring inspired craft, I've been noticing here and there a big comeback of cooper. This element seems to be the "it" material lately on the interiors and I've spotted it on magazines, stores, not to mention Pinterest. And since I felt so inspired by this element, I knew I had to make something out of it.... or maybe with cooper paint, perhaps?
So today I have a tutorial on how to make a lamp with a geometric vibe while giving it a cooper look. All you'll need are 1 craft plywood board of 1/8"x12"x24" and 2 of 1/8"x12"x12" (from Jo-Ann); wood glue, FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint in copper and a basic jigsaw. Make sure to get a blade for this material, I used a T-Shank (20).
On the 2 smaller plywood boards I drew a frame of 1 1/2". I measure on the big board 18" long since I wanted to use the bottom part. On this board I also drew a frame but of 1". On the diagram I show how the parts were cut. On the excess of the big board I measure a square of 6" that will be the top base of my future lamp.

Now that I had my parts cut, I gave them a quick coat of paint before gluing them together. The square I previously cut was going to be the base where all the parts join together. On it I drill a hole in the center for the cable of the lamp to pass through. As you'll noticed I also did 3 small canals on this part for when I place my 3 frames. From the 3 frames, one of the squares was cut in half and the other 2 I did a cut on the top middle part as you'll see on the photos. This was done for the lamp cable to be able to pass through.

After gluing all the sides and repainting the entire piece, I added the cable and proceeded to hang it. I just love how great it looks on my room and the cooper color is just plain beautiful.
Let me know what Spring projects you are working on and what inspired them.

The following review is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft Stores® National Craft Month campaign. I received compensation for this review; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.

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A morning with Ryobi

Mar 21, 2014

This morning we got the opportunity to put our hands on some of the Ryobi Outdoors equipment. As I'm writing, this still going on. But I'm giving you a preview of some of the fun things that are happening here in South Carolina. Keep an eye on Twitter an Instagram and look for #RyobiU.

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HomeGoods Blogger Days

Mar 16, 2014

I had so much fun and a great learning experience on Boston this past week, I can't even begin to recollect all the memories for still being so fill with excitement. HomeGoods invited us nine bloggers of the DesignHappy blog for two days of great information on design and the best Design Challenge ever! 
We got the chance to visit their immense headquarters in Framingham, MA and met with some of the people behind all the HomeGoods Happy Team! Aside all this, we even received a surprise visit from Wendy Scofield, Art Director at Lonny Magazine; how cool was that! She gave us some good pointers and inside look on their photography shoots. I was mesmerized by all their great locations and the attention to details their publication go through before going online. 

Arriving to Boston, I couldn't imagine that besides all the HomeGoods surprises, I was about to witness some snow falling! I was excited as a little girl since we don't get to see snow here in Miami. What a beautiful city Boston is!
On this day also, we visited HomeGoods warehouse and this was really a mind blowing experience. We were greeted by the Product Development and Exploratory Buyer team and they gave us a peek (a big one!) on what's to come to stores during the rest of this year. We also got a glimpse on 2015 trends (which we promise not to tell, sorry!) 

Some memories from the day of the Bloggers Style Challenge, a rough sketch of my kitchen area concept (which was later post on HomeGoods Instagram account), all the props and goodies for styling and Mr. Sloan taking the professional shots of Jessica's space (Four Generations One Roof). 
On our second day, we each got the opportunity to style an assigned staged home area on the huge photographic studio of Gary Sloan. A couple of minutes after 10 a.m. we ran to pick up our space props and during the next two hours, devoted entirely to design and style! Gary even gave each of us some excellent tips on angles to consider when taking a photograph, based on the area and design concept. My space was the kitchen which I have to add it was so impressively illuminated, I've had people on Instagram commented on how goooooood is that light coming from the window!

Here are some snippets from the bloggers areas and mine. Enjoy what was my "Daily Dose of Happiness"!

From top left to right: Courtney from French Country Cottage, Deb from Counting My Blessings, Susan from Your Home Only Better,  Gloribell from I don't know how she does it, Sara from Style MBA, Jessica from Four Generations One Roof, Cathy Interior Designer and Joan from Wool Free and Lovin' Knit.
Oh, and one more thing, be on the watch for HomeGoods new television ad campaign. I'll leave you with one name "Julia Child"!

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: 1 plant 3 stylings

Mar 9, 2014

Today is my first post for the Urban Jungle Bloggers (a huge initiative from Igor from Happy Interior Blog and Judith from Joelix, to help you make your home a happy one with plants!) and I couldn't be more excited with this month's theme: 1 plant 3 stylings. On this post I'm sharing three ideas on how to decorate your space using the same plant with three different stylings.

The plant I chose to style is called "Hoya Carnosa" but some might know it by "Hindu Rope Plant", "Krinkle Kurl" or even "Wax Flower". The real beauty of this plant is not on its name, but in the way the leaves curl and with the added surprise for the adult plants for when they bloom and even spell a soft fragrant (some dare to compare it with the aroma of chocolate, YUM!). This houseplant only needs to be watered when the soil is completely dry and to be near a window so it can received direct light for more than 4 hours a day.
For this little fellow I decided to change its vase depending on the area it was going to be placed. On the first two photos, and just for fun, I placed two cute laundry pegs to accessorize the ceramic black and white vase. Love the ballerina on the back and the Miss Acrobat in the front! Here the plant was accommodated on a wall shelf where I usually like to display my interior design books.

Another great option for my small Hoya was on the window sill of my bedroom. Here it can received the natural light it needs, besides being a great decoration accent to the room. I decided to placed it inside a white ceramic shell vase and, to keep the nautical theme, a sea shell with a small Bromeliad sat on its side.

For my last styling proposal I wanted Mr. Hoya to accompany my recently bought "Radiant Orchid" armchair from +HomeGoods, so I placed it over a wood side table with an aged brass lamp and a cute beetle. I love the life it brings to this area and again, this place is ideal for it to receive a daily dose of sun.

Now that you are familiar with ways to style this plant in your home, come on over for more great ideas on how to incorporate other plants in your interior spaces to the Urban Jungle Pinterest board. Also, don't forget to visit their Facebook page to keep you up-to-date with new trends from the green side. I'm sure you'll be more than glad you did!!!

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One Kings Lane new Spring Seasonal Style Guide

Mar 8, 2014

LOVE this style guide from One Kings Lane. It is fill with colorful ideas for the interiors, tips from stylist and an excellent display of tablescapes all depending on the celebration (Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day). Wow, every corner on this guide of One Kings Lane is worthy of reading at least 5 times!!!! Love it!

Love the tones of blue and aqua used in this "Stylist Secrets".

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Indoor water garden

Mar 3, 2014

Ever since I saw a gorgeous Pinterest project about making an indoor water garden, I knew I had to make my own. So, I decided to look for information regarding its care and some basic start up guidelines.
Before proceeding with this tutorial, I'm listing some facts and information regarding this types of plants that I found to be interesting. Keep in mind, all this info was taken from the internet and it DOES NOT make me a professional on this matter:
- Because these plants are invasive, never throw them into rivers or any other natural water deposit.
- Commercial potting mixes are not recommended for these plants. Try heavy clay loam soils.
- Don't use tap water directly. Prepare it with some kind of water conditioner available at aquarium stores.
For more great tips on water plants visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website.
So now for the tutorial, all you'll need for this project are: water plant, gravel, coal, pre-moist soil and two plant containers (one for the plant and the other for the water).

Before I planted my water lily, I started by cleaning the plant, removing any dead root or leaf and setting it aside. After this, I placed a couple of coal pieces on the bottom of my plant vase so it will help keep the water clean for a longer time acting as a filter. Then, in comes the pre-moist soil and the plant. Because I bought this water lily at a nearby nursery, I used the same soil it came in. This part of the process is almost the same as replanting any plant on a new pot. After I firmly pressed down the soil, I then put the gravel (also from an aquarium) on top of the soil. These will help keep the plant down.

When this part of the garden was all set, all I needed to do is to place the cylindrical white section inside the vase containing the prepared water. I did so slowly to prevent water from overflowing. Though I'm in love with my new indoor water garden I should note that a smaller plant or a bigger water container would have been a better choice. Also, a closed vase for the plant instead of the white one used here, since on this one some soil came out from the little apertures making the water cloudy at the beginning. Besides these small issues, a water garden is a good choice to bring some green indoors with a different approach on gardening.

How do you bring nature inside your home? Do you prefer regular plants or do you have a unique approach to indoor gardens? Let me know about it.
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