Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green balcony

Apr 29, 2014

I was ecstatic when I found out that this month's theme for the Urban Jungle Blogger would be window sills and balconies! I couldn't resist to talk again about my balcony which was recently redone for +The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge. So today I'm sharing with you a closer look at what I did on my urban space.

When designing my balcony I knew I had to have lots of succulents, but I didn't want them scattered around. So I realized that they would served as a frame to my space and at the same time, enhance the beautiful pattern of the tiles. On this edge I used several types of succulents and try to mix and match as much as possible. I can't wait for them to grow an multiply. The mix of colors will be amazing.

Mr. Snail rocking the "Just do it" attitude! Love that little crawling creature.
Another thing that I really wanted to incorporate in my balcony was a herb garden. For this I used a  Polanter Plastic 3-Way Planter that I painted (using Rust-Oleum) in that Key Lime color that you see. 

Living in a tropical climate area, I needed a citric plant. So in comes the lemons. Because I didn't want to transplant it, I took a piece of burlap and wrap it around the container. Loving this look!

It is pretty amazing how many things one can do in such a small space. From styling it to planting, anything is possible in my balcony. Hope you like this and let me know how are you using your balcony. Do you have any big plans for that space? Share your thoughts with me.
Thank you Judith and Igor for this month's theme. Looking forward to next month’s challenge.
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Earth Day planting ideas

Apr 22, 2014

Today is Earth Day and I decided to honor this special celebration by planting, but in a eco-friendly and sort of a crafty way! I chose to use some Magnolia seeds and some herbs and for this I used some handmade newspaper pots. Just roll a piece of this paper twice and close it at one of the ends. You can always use a Paper Pot Press available at Terrain, to make this task easier.

To identify my newspaper pots, I used some rubber stamps to put the name of the seed used.

I also used some Peat Pots from Jiffy, a biodegradable pot made from a combination of peat and wood pulp, available at The Home Depot. The nice thing about this pots is that, after the plant has grown to considerable size, you can plant it (pot included) and it will not harm the soil.

To help me identify my seeds once planted, I used some wood doll pins from Jo-Ann and rubber stamped them with the name of the herb. This makes the name very visible but also adds a beautiful detail to this pot.
Another thing I did to identify my pots was to print the name of the seeds and place it inside a mini glass bottle available also at Jo-Ann and from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection which I just adore!!!

Last but not least, with some newspaper I had left, I cut out some cute little butterfly silhouettes and paste them on my wood pins. Aren't they adorable?!?!? Hope you enjoy this short but refreshing ideas and please, let me know what are your plans to celebrate this Earth Day!

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at{mine} for interior and design lovers

Apr 17, 2014

Recently I discovered a mini heaven on the web, and by that I mean a space where you can feel at{home} and at{peace} while looking for some inspiration or just to take a glance at all things beautiful. This new community called at{mine}, is a place where members will share their real home photos while telling a story and with the great advantage that the viewers will be able to know where to shop for some of the items.
I had a chance to test their Beta version and have to say that I'm in love with the the entire look and feel. All the members at{mine} has already enrolled have such a great eye for photography that it's a real pleasure to stroll through so many incredible images.

One of the many perks at{mine} has, besides commenting and sending love to your favorite photos, is that you can make your own wishlist from some of the items tagged by members.

Here you can tag your favorite items, send some love (in the ♥) and even leave a comment to the member.  Remember to create a list of people you admire so you can later come back and see what's new with them. 
Lets Discover, Source and Share with at{mine}... and for that they've provided me with 10 special invites codes (SheDoesIt) specially for you. Just fill in the information at "JOIN US!" and on the "Invite code" enter the (SheDoesIt). So, don't wait any longer and come on over, lets start to interact!

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Office corner

Apr 16, 2014

"Three's company" was a huge 80's sitcom where 3 roommates share the same apartment and while at it, learn how to cope with each others life...  I have to say that, now that I have 3 girls mingling around my apartment, sometimes it feels like I'm living a spin-off of this story with a huge difference in ages (here 9, 3, 2!)
Having established this chaos situation, and because it seems that the littlest ones love to practice "track and field", I had to move my "office" with a gorgeous city view, to a corner (literally speaking). But if I was going to move and change this view, I had to gain something in return, wouldn't you agree? 
Well, in comes Target and some gorgeous accents (a few in a very good price!) to upgrade this sad future office corner

Sometimes the smallest accessory can make a great statement in decoration. I've been holding to this beetle for sometime. Now I know it finally found its place in this house, other than a side table. 

These Umbra Loft Photohangers are ideal for hanging fabric samples, small pieces of art besides the common photography.
I've found many uses for this basket. But the latest one is of a mood board. One of the perks of it being a basket is having the opportunity to take it off the wall and directly to the client after all the materials and inspiration has been gathered. Just as I'm about to do with this project for client's master room (details coming in a near future!). Fabrics are from U-Fab (except the one that reads "swatch") and the small square art from Emily Jeffords
I also framed a "Thank You" card from Wink (American Greetings) using cork in the background. The same goes for the arrow from a past collection of Nate Berkus line at Target
While completing my "office corner", I found that if perhaps I spray painted some of my supplies with a gold color, they will add a bit of glam to this area. So I did paint the stapler and letter sorter with Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic in Gold. Loving it!

The transformation from a lifeless nook to a happy little office corner.
Hope you enjoyed this quick office corner upgrade. Would love to know know what you think of it! Share your thoughts!
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Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

Apr 15, 2014

Finally the big day has arrived for me to share some photos of my take on the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge. I'm so excited to be one of the participants of this great challenge, and let me tell you that I still believe this this all a dream! Just the thought of being surrounded by so many great bloggers...wow, is really a huge honor.

I'm taking this space today to post some of the final photos from my urban garden. You'll notice that, although my space is not big at all, I took advantage of all it's corners to make the best of a city apartment balcony. I also took in consideration that here in Miami we have a hot climate most of the time, so that is why I chose to use succulents as one of  my main components in the design.
Hope you'll like it and please visit my post on +The Home DepotThe Apron for more pics and a quick tutorial on how I did the succulent canal.

Besides succulents being one of the main elements in my design, the color green and squares were also fundamentals to the entire area. The floor, Naturesort Bamboo Composite Deck Tiles, gives you an idea on how the design evolved from the ground up.

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