Decorating with letters

Jun 30, 2014

decor, diy, decoration, interiors
Read along to find out what the 5M stands for.
Decorating with letters can always make a great statement. They can spell out an idea (Yummy, Eat, Happy, etc) or have a personal meaning. Sometimes they're use as initials of a name or family name but no matter what they stand for, they can make a difference in the look of a space.

decor, diy, decoration, interiors
Wood never fails to dress an area. 
Over the past weekend, I struck a great deal while "just passing by" one of my favorite HomeGoods stores. I acquire one wood letter and a number that I've been eyeing for a while now. The M5 (while it might sound like something out of a James Bond movie) stands for our family's last name Marrero; while the 5 is the total of creatures that live under this roof!

decor, diy, decoration, interiors

I'm loving how great the contrast of the wood grain look against the yellow wall and what's more the way they look with the other accents I have on my living room. Although this is a temporary place for my letters (I have other plans for them), for the time being I'm enjoying their big impact!
If you want to see more ideas on how to decorate with letters, visit my "Letters and Initials" board on Pinterest. So glad to always see you around!

decor, diy, decoration, interiors

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Designer Kelly Edwards' tips for a better Summer

Jun 24, 2014

I couldn't be any happier with these personalized tips on how to have a better Summer. I had an opportunity to ask designer and book author +Kelly Edwards , 5 questions about interior decor for this season. She not only answer them, but also made a customized video for my readers!!! How awesome is that!
In this video she talks about the new trend in how to make the indoor and outdoor work together. By adding lightning and plants you can make this space come alive.
Kelly also gives some pointers about pool parties and what are some essentials you should always have around (don't forget that movable bar). Other tips were on Summer hottest colors and patterns (radiant orchid and blues are on her list), her favorite color for a room (think transitional) and what room she'll mostly upgrade and why.
I have to say that all her tips are an excellent source of ideas that will not only work for Summer, but for year around!

After hearing Kelly's tips I know you will want to participate in fun giveaway of her new book The Design Cookbook, the Waterpik shower head shown in the video and a $25 gift card from +The Home Depot. Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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A tranquil and bright master bedroom

Jun 23, 2014

A soft palette was the most important aspect in this room. On the walls I used Behr paint (available at The Home Depot) in "Valley Mist" color (460E-1).
Designing for someone else is never a hard task. With the right inspiration and gathered ideas I was able to transform a dark and sober master room into a serene and spa-like space without changing its furniture. For this project color was the an important element to bring in clarity. After this, with just a couple of accessories and mirrors (to deliver in more light), this room got a new and modern look.

It feels so good to see a great before and after photo, wouldn't you agree?
How incredible is the accent circle mirror on the left!?!?! Find the Sacha Mirror on Ballard Designs.  
Adding some circle accessories gave this space an organic feel. These orbs are from HomeGoods.
To make this room seem brighter, a crystal base lamp and a mercury glass vase were some of the accessories selected. These and the oval mirror are from HomeGoods.
A mix of textures and forms were the main elements prominent in this space.

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Pocket wall planter

Jun 5, 2014

I must be turning into some sort of succulent hoarder, so much that I needed to create this wall pocket planters in order to keep up with the overstock of these type of plants. It's just that succulents are so forgiving and the best plants to have either inside or outside my apartment. The variety and colors are endless and they can be mix and match for a more interesting look.
Having justified myself said all this, now I can tell you about this little project which took no time to do. You'll need galvanized steel chicken wire, 28 gauge steel galvanized wire, some succulents, a pair of metal snip pliers (the ones I used are Wiss) and "coco liner" for the inside of the pockets (all materials are available at +The Home Depot).

I started by cutting a 10" by 10" square (if you are buying your galvanized steel chicken wire with 1/2" squares, you'll have to count 20 squares for the length and 20 for the width) and after this, I bend 3 of the corners toward the inside (just like the image below). To fasten them together, I used a 28 gauge steel galvanize wire which is a soft metal cable and very easy to bend. I later on cut the renaming corner so all I was left with was a steel wire pocket planter. Because I'm using them to plant my succulents, I filled the inside of these pockets with some coco liner. To finish this project I just planted and water my plants.

You can make these pockets as little or as big as you can. It will all depend of the purpose of the planter and the place you will be hanging them. I placed mine on the sliding windows in my balcony. Don't they look great!

To place these planter on my sliding doors, I used plastic glass suckers with small metal hangers.
Let me know what you think about this project; as always it gives me an immense pleasure to read your feedback. Have a great weekend!

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A Mix and Match Coastal Table for Two

Jun 2, 2014

Can you feel that? Those are the first fresh sea breezes of the season and I couldn’t be any happier. Soon, summer will arrive and we can all get ready to bring some of those coastal winds inside our home. More colorful photos and great ideas here.
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