Last minute idea for a carved pumpkin

Oct 30, 2014

Carved pumpkin idea. Garden creatures, dragonfly

As many of you may already know, I'm running a bit late this year with Halloween decorations. But this fact didn't hold me back for carving a pumpkin. This time around I've done my carved around the garden creatures: dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs and so.

Carved pumpkin idea. Garden creatures, dragonfly

Carved pumpkin idea. Garden creatures, dragonfly
A cake stand (this one from +HomeGoods) is a great place to display your creation.
Hope you like my new creation and please do leave a comment, I love to know what you think of my "Creature Pumpkin".
Carved pumpkin idea. Garden creatures, dragonfly
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5 transitional fall home accents

Oct 28, 2014

Transitional fall accents for the home. Pumpkins, green and wood
Green is my favorite color, and combined with wood and some soft color pumpkins, I'l have a simple Fall look around this dining table. Small changes for a big impact!
Just today I noticed how late I've been approaching Halloween decorations around our home. Perhaps it is the fact that we just moved and still assimilating the change. Having a new space that you can finally call "mine" (like children do) is a big thing for us.

Transitional fall accents for the home. Harvest bouquet.
On our front door we place a Harvest inspired basket to welcome Fall. Perhaps later on this week we might add some plastic spiders or even stretchable spiderweb for a spooky look.  
I love coming home and seeing how our bare walls reflect the beautiful sunlight coming from our front window in the morning, and our kitchen area later on.
We are planning on having larger windows in a near future to take advantage of the natural light that works around our home. But in the mean time, I've been busy incorporating Fall accents here and there. I love the colors that this season brings and the more because they go so perfectly with our neutral decoration.
Because of this, today I'm sharing some of the accents around our home that bring Autumn in and that can work from the beginning to the end of this season (including Halloween).

Transitional fall accents for the home. Cotton and natural colors.
Over our mantel, I've decided that cotton was the perfect accent to balance the rough surface of the stone. It is reminiscent of this season and creates a great balance and contrast against the wall.
Transitional fall accents for the home. Pumpkin, spiders.
These pumpkins have gone from our front door (without the spiders) to our dinning table as a Halloween centerpiece. With a couple of transfers, available at Jo-Ann, they are ready to trick or treat.  
Transitional fall accents for the home. Greenery, pumpkins.
Adding greenery to a this pumpkin vignette, made a welcoming statement in this receiving area. Add faux-spiderwebs for a Halloween look, or  some dry wheat bunch for a Thanksgiving table setting.

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Thanksgiving table ideas on Area Magazine

Oct 23, 2014

So excited to be able to share today one of my latest collaborations with Areaan architecture and interior design magazine in Puerto Rico. On their 5th Anniversary edition I'm sharing 2 Fall inspired DIY's about making that Thanksgiving dinner special by adding details to your table. You can find more about these tutorials on their latest edition (app or printed) here.

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Fall front door decor

Oct 22, 2014

I know this tutorial might come a bit late, but Christmas decoration came earlier this year with the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. Now that that's done, its time to enjoy what's left of Autumn. Today I'm sharing a simple harvest front door decoration that only took me less than an hour.
Most of the materials are available at Jo-Ann (with the exception of some of the tiny pumpkins). For this project I used a big grapevine basket, dry wheat bunch, eucalyptus, faux and real tiny pumpkins and faux Chinese lantern flowers.

Having all the materials set over my dinning table for an easy access, I started making small bunches that consisted of wheat (3 pieces), eucalyptus (3 branches) and the Chinese lantern flowers (1 branch). To keep them together, I tied them with a black rubber band (loom rubber bands... but, shhhhh! my girl would not approved if I asked). By mixing in this quantities I was able to create a balance when I settle the small bunches inside the basket.

To make the arrangement, I place each small bunch inside the basket and intertwine some of the branches between the grapevine (making sure that this part looks to the door). After placing them all, I had some wheat and eucalyptus left which I also use to cover some blank patches.

To decorate this basket I use 2 tiny pumpkins from +Trader Joe's, and the rest of the decorations were all faux (including the leaves).

I love how this arrangement brings life to my gray door and the best thing is that it seems as if I went into my garden to gather all these plants. Wouldn't you agree?

How are you decorating your front door for Fall? I would love to know you better so don't hesitate to leave me a comment!
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3 spooky ideas for your Halloween table

Oct 20, 2014

The other day we had a last minute pre-Halloween gathering at our home. Although I had no time to get ready and make something big for our guests, I came with some quick ideas on how to style our table.

The first idea was to cover the table with brown builders paper to make some cool graveyard inspired tombstones. The width of the paper roll was almost the same as our table, so it covered most of it. After placing tape on both ends, I made 4 rectangles (2 on each side) with same measurements. On each I drew different styles of tombs and wrote four different messages inside. I've bought at +Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores a packet of Halloween Wall Decals from DCWV and cut some of the words to used them on each of the tombstones.

I love the final look but the best part is that the paper will help me keep the new table safe from the appetizers and any wine spill.

On the center of the table I placed a couple of pumpkins and decorated them with +Martha Stewart Pumpkin Transfers of spiders available at Jo-Ann.

For quick snacks (the grab'em and eat them kind of snacks!), Jo-Ann had some cute small paper bags that I filled with Tostitos, and in some tiny plastic cauldrons, I poured some mild salsa. Later on I made some guacamole and thought that it would've also looked great inside the mini witch pots.

One of the ideas I also had for this party was to make pumpkin carvings. But, because the conversation was great and the masks took most of our time, I decided to leave the carvings for later and give you a new post on that. All and all, the table ended up looking great, and the guests were happy! So, spooky mission accomplished!

Are you planning on doing a Halloween party? If so, tell me all about it; I would love to hear your ideas! Hope you like these ideas and don't forget to share your own using the #diy4halloween hashtag and to visit Jo-Ann for more inspiring spooktacular ideas.
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Spooktacular Halloween mask

This has been one of the easiest and fun-to-do tutorials so far. For this project I enlisted one of my daughters and a dear friend of mine to help out in the creative process; but you can also do this with some friends or even preschool kids. All you'll need is chalkboard paint (I use Martha Stewart Crafts Chalkboard paintchalk markers  and several paper mache masks (all materials available at +Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores).

diy4halloween, Jo-Ann, spooktacular, halloween tutorial, halloween,
These paper mache masks come in natural cardboard color, perfect and ready for painting.  
First you'll need to paint the paper mache masks with the chalkboard paint. Make sure to make this step ahead so they'll have enough time to dry completely. I left mine outside during a hot day (about 3 hours).

diy4halloween, Jo-Ann, spooktacular, halloween tutorial, halloween,

After they are completely dry, you are ready to start an Spooktacular doodling party. Be as creative as you can and don't forget, the spookier the better! 

diy4halloween, Jo-Ann, spooktacular, halloween tutorial, halloween,

Hope you like this easy tutorial and don't forget to share your own using the #diy4halloween hashtag and to visit Jo-Ann for more inspiring spooktacular ideas.   

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The Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge sneak peek

Oct 17, 2014

Perhaps is more of a teaser but the truth is that I can't contain myself with all the excitement of participating in this year's Holiday Style Challenge by +The Home Depot. Although I cannot say wich part of the house I'll be decorating, I'm sure that at least with this photo (and knowing my style) you'll soon figure out what was my inspiration. Hope to see you around on November when the challenge begins at The Apron Blog. Wish me luck! 
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A bright reflection

Oct 6, 2014

When we moved to our new home, the fireplace was one of the areas that I wanted to "stand out". Being so close to the entryway and next to a big window (with a direct view of the street), this area had to have a focal point that didn't distract from the sculpted header of the mantel. I wanted a piece that could be use in any type of decoration (including the seasonal ones) and that at the same time could add visual height to this room.

Many times I thought about placing a flat tv on top of the fireplace's mantel, but while researching on the web I found that there were more people against this trend that in favor. I thought that the idea of placing that black rectangle took a lot from this beautiful fireplace. So I kept looking until I found the perfect accent. 
The piece that I ended up selecting was a +kenroyhome Reyes Wall Mirror. This elegant piece has a vintage silver color that goes perfectly with the undertones of my fireplace. Besides this fact, the rays of this abstract sun design are reminiscent of the "Mediterranean Revival" style of the sculpted header.

Now that Fall is here, I've decorated my mantle but with the Reyes Wall Mirror as the focal point of this vignette. I can envision this mirror for Christmas and can't wait to decorate around it.
In what area of your home will you be placing this great piece? Now is your opportunity to own one. To participate on this wonderful giveaway, leave a comment under this post. For more opportunities, follow the instructions of the Rafflecopter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Reyes Wall Mirror was provided by +kenroyhome for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Soft green Fall entryway

Oct 4, 2014

A sublime Fall entryway is a must during this season. On my entryway these days you'll find soft greens mix with metal and to warm these up, I'm using wood and a fresh branch from our patio. A couple of pumpkin sets an Autumnal mood on this area.

Love how the natural illumination coming from the entry door hits the metal and the +HomeGoods mirror and fills our entire living room with a subtle white light. The soft surface of pumpkins seem to light up also adding a special point of interest in this vignette

The reflection of our fireplace looks as if it were an art piece hanging on the wall.

Metal plates add interest to this sideboard setting with a rustic design on the border.
A medium ceramic bowl serves as a display for my small cream colored pumpkins.

How are you decorating during this season? Are you using an specific color palette? Share your thought with me and lets connect. I'm also on Instagram and Facebook.

Hello there! Couldn't get this picture without me on it. Hahaha! (#cameo)

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