Inspiring centerpiece with succulents and a wood caddie

Mar 31, 2015

Inspiration sometimes arrives without even looking for it. And so is the case of my table center wood caddie. Lately I've become a true follower of The Magnolia Mom style and just yesterday, while watching one of the episodes of Fixer Upper's second season, I noticed her table centerpiece. Joanna had a wood caddie that seems to carried some sort of herbs. This simple piece blew my mind and I knew that the next day I had to visit HomeGoods to search for that caddie or a similar one.

To my surprise I found a great big wood caddie just waiting for me. I hold it for a minute thinking on all the possibilities it had: gardening tools, towels, window sill decor, etc. Feeling like I just conquered the world, I took that caddie home but first did a quick stop at The Home Depot to look for some interesting plants to put inside. And guess which plants I ended up selecting? Yeap, succulents!

So this little arrangement now in the center of my table goes so well with the style of my dinning room area. I love how it looks although it is so simple. For what else will you use this caddie for?

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The simplicity of Spring

Mar 23, 2015

The simplicity of Spring decor
Mirrors will help to make a space feel more light up and spacious. The mirrors displayed here are (from left to right) BHG at Walmart, ZGallerie and Target. The basket is from HomeGoods.
The simplicity of Spring lies in allowing the home to irradiate its essence. Opening some windows and doors will make your space nurture from positive energies and the walls feel more ample. It is with the simplicity of Spring and the essence of your home that our personality will show through welcoming visitors into our nest. Nature is a big element during this season, so make it more present by adding it to different corners of your home.
Let your home shine!

The simplicity of Spring decor
The simplicity of Spring decor

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How to make a drought tolerant planter arrangement

Mar 10, 2015

Drought tolerant arrangement

I love succulents and if you've been following me quite some time, you'll know how I've enjoyed using them in different projects. From wall small pocket planters to a border in my balcony, all this years I've learned a thing or two about them. But today I'm taking these drought tolerant plants outside.

Drought tolerant arrangement

For this small project I found a beautiful big planter in my favorite color; green. This 16" piece with a ceramic-look is from the garden collection of BHG at Walmart and will the perfect accessory to display my succulents.

Drought tolerant arrangement
Drought tolerant arrangement

On Walmart I also found a wonderful assortment of succulents in different heights and leaf shapes. Before planting, the planter needed to be drilled on the bottom in order for it to drain well. Once the hole was done, I placed inside a couple of rocks for drainage purposes also. Once the soil was in, all I needed was to arrange the succulents before they went in to have a better idea of how they will end up looking.

Drought tolerant arrangement
The greens in this arrangement make it feel so fresh and full of life. 
When all the planting was done, I used a "scrolled iron" plant stand to raised the planter. Now that it's ready I can't wait to sit here in the evenings, wine glass at hand and relax!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as always let me know how you're planning to start off the Spring season. Are you planting, updating a room or perhaps redecorating the entire house?

Drought tolerant arrangement

So honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Network where, as a blogger, I've received compensation byBHG at Walmart. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on FacebookPinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

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All you need is coral and blue in your Spring decor

Mar 8, 2015

Refresh your home style with these Spring color trends. You can now find tones of coral and blue in almost every decor section in your favorite stores. Whether you decide to change the cover of your pillow cases, make a new wall gallery or do your own window panels, today I'll be sharing my top finds in fabric and art from Minted. You can find them all in the Fabric & Home Decor or  Art Marketplace section. You'll be amazed by their art collection and the options in colors in most of their fabric.

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A soft transitional decor in a little girl's room

Mar 5, 2015

Experience have taught me that sometimes in order to create a great and functional room, organization is always the key. I had the privilege of working with a lovely family who wanted to make a soft transition from a nursery to a younger looking room for their daughter. This little girl had the most beautiful fairy style decor but her mother's desire was to create a contemporary space fit to her child's age.

After sourcing through some furniture, we all agreed on a white classic style which will permit this room to change through time and grow with the girl. Gray and vintage rose were the basic colors used to generate a spacious feeling in this small room. 

As a mom, I know sometimes toys and playtime can get out of hand. To resolve this dilemma I offer my client several organizational options. As you'll see from the before photos, the shelves were full of plush toys. By using baskets I was able to provide a clean look without throwing away any of the toys.

The mirror behind the headboard helped this room feel more airy but at the same time carried the abstract flower them repeated in some of the elements used.
I really enjoyed designing this room, from the selection of each piece, to the styling process. Let me know what was your favorite part in this room. I always enjoy reading you!

Pillow and Duvet: Restoration Hardware
Pillow Sham: Target
Mirror: Pottery Barn
Chair: Pottery Barn
Writing Desk: Pottery Barn
Bunny Side Table Lamp: Target
Decorative Birdcage (for the hair accessories) and gray basket: HomeGoods
Paint: BellaMia in eggshell and the number is "MQ 3-5" from Behr 
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Creating a fresh look for Spring

Mar 1, 2015

Creating a fresh look for Spring (mantel)

Perhaps Spring around Miami is the same as Summer or Autumn. Over here you'll probably notice a slight change in temperatures but other than this, most leaves stay the same color. But because of my constant need to decorate and move things around our home, Spring is a season that has arrive home and is spreading pretty fast. 

Creating a fresh look for Spring (mantel)

First stop, my mantel! I've placed two of the HomeGoods wall arts I used over my benches (on our master bedroom) and they quickly change the whole look of my living room. White Atelier Stella's planters from West Elm with a real orchid and some air plants, were also place here. I couldn't resist placing some blooming branches (from Trader Joe's) to create a visual balance.

Creating a fresh look for Spring (mantel)

No, I only need to replace my sofa cushion covers and probably the curtains. Any ideas here? 
What are you doing to refresh your home for Spring? I would love to hear your ideas.

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