Inspiring centerpiece with succulents and a wood caddie

Mar 31, 2015

Inspiration sometimes arrives without even looking for it. And so is the case of my table center wood caddie. Lately I've become a true follower of The Magnolia Mom style and just yesterday, while watching one of the episodes of Fixer Upper's second season, I noticed her table centerpiece. Joanna had a wood caddie that seems to carried some sort of herbs. This simple piece blew my mind and I knew that the next day I had to visit HomeGoods to search for that caddie or a similar one.

To my surprise I found a great big wood caddie just waiting for me. I hold it for a minute thinking on all the possibilities it had: gardening tools, towels, window sill decor, etc. Feeling like I just conquered the world, I took that caddie home but first did a quick stop at The Home Depot to look for some interesting plants to put inside. And guess which plants I ended up selecting? Yeap, succulents!

So this little arrangement now in the center of my table goes so well with the style of my dinning room area. I love how it looks although it is so simple. For what else will you use this caddie for?

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  1. I wouldn't change a thing about how I'd make it! This is gorgeous!!! Well done!


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