Style your coffee table with odd numbers

Jun 15, 2015

Coffee table styling with odd numbers

Did you know that round coffee tables are not that difficult to style nor does the accessories need to be round? When it comes to styling or creating a vignette, I try to keep things simple by using odd numbers in matters of quantity. On these 3 variations, I imagined the top of the table to be divided in 3 almost equal parts (think of it as a large pizza!). On each third, an accessory (or group of) is to be placed. 

Coffee table styling with odd numbers
Coffee table styling with odd numbers
Inspired in Summer, in this setting you'll find the highest item to be a natural Seagrape branch, the medium group would be the books with the sea glass ball and the smallest in height, the driftwood and airplant. In all the vignettes I've place numbers on the aerial view for an easy idenfication of the thirds.
Another thing I tried to keep in mind when styling a coffee table (this one from World Market) or preparing a vignette are the heights of each of the elements in it. When working with a quantity of elements in the odd numbers, this task becomes an easy one. Just to give you an idea, the accessories I used are placed on a small, medium and large heights. This is also useful when using items of different widths.

Coffee table styling with odd numbers
Coffee table styling with odd numbers
Natural elements and seashells all in white generate a great contrast against the wood coffee table. Again pay attention to the distribution of the elements on the top view. 
Hope this simple guide has helped you in figuring out the configuration of a simple coffee table. Which one was your favorite?

Coffee table styling with odd numbers
If zen is your thing, then this vignette will bring a relaxing vibe to your table.

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Even in summer it's okay to decorate with flowers

Jun 9, 2015

I love flowers, plants and almost everything that's green and pretty. Having said that, I think you'll agree with me when I say that flowers are not a staple of Spring only. These natural accents will bring happiness inside your home no matter the season.
I've bought some of my favorite flowers, the hydrangeas, on Whole Foods today. Each steam is so big and fluffy that will work in any vase alone by itself. But I love making a great statement and normally I put them in sets of three (remember to always use odd numbers for an interesting look).

Since it is not always that I can find beautiful natural flowers here in Miami, I sometimes turn to silk ones. I've found at HomeGoods this beautiful vase with white roses. They look so simple yet so elegant. I can see them traveling around my home pretty soon (maybe one week in my bedroom, or on the kitchen sill... who knows!).

So, give it A-Go and use flowers in your decor!

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When materials are the key to a kitchen renovation

Jun 6, 2015

Kitchens are one of those areas around our home where we spend most of our time. Of course it's the place where we cook, but also where the kids make their homework, where we gather around with friends or even an improvise office. My clients used this space for all that and more and when I was approached by them to remake this area, I decided that the key to the change they were looking for was based on the selection of materials.

During the long process of space distribution, demolition of existent cabinetry, etc my client and I had the opportunity to select the materials and finishes of the entire space; floors were going to be in a sand colored marble, counter tops in Macchiato quartz and on the island counter top a quartzite. After the installation of all the parts (and the opening of new windows) the space seemed bigger and brighter.

This space achieved an elegant final look with the selection of the right accessories in combination with the materials used. I already asked my client to rent me a little spot in her brand new kitchen!

Sometimes you don't need extreme changes to make a big impact. By adding accessories and a coat of paint you can make a huge difference in your space. What new projects you are tackling during this Summer?

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