"We Made It"... and had so much fun!

Jul 8, 2015

Kids love to craft, and so do I. But sometimes we get too tangled up in our everyday routines and prefer to skip this art of crafting and continue with our hectic lives. But yesterday I summoned muses and my kids for some creative time.
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores invited me to try their new "We Made It" collection by Jennifer Garner. These kits come with creative projects for children ages 4-11 and I got to try their "Make it Memorable" Wooden Schoolhouse and fell madly in love with this line!!!

Although this kit seems to have many mini projects, we didn't spend that much time but indeed had that much FUN. I have 3 girls and 2 of them got the opportunity to play and prepare the wooden schoolhouse (my 4 and 10 year old). One of the things I found impressively great was the fact that the paint on this kit really dries off fast! After placing the background on each of the 4 nooks of the box (if only real wallpaper was as easy as this!) and painting them by using the stencils, we started to prepare the wooden peg dolls. After finishing them (which took less than 30 minutes) what we painted inside the box was already dry.

My 4 year old really enjoyed painting with the stencils and dressing up the peg dolls; specially drawing their eyelashes. She also had tons of fun using the washi tape that comes with the kit and combining them. 

Although the final result was far from being similar to the one in the cover of the package, my little ones really enjoyed and loved working with this line because at the end of it all they had this feeling of accomplishment and like the line itself says..."We Made It"!

I can't wait to try the "Make it Grow" collection since I'm a huge fan of gardening and I'm trying to teach my girls about caring for nature. Do you craft with your kids? If so, what are their favorite activities?  
Don't forget to visit the "We Made It" page at Jo-Ann and to participate in their sweepstakes. 

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3 items you'll need when decorating a new space

Jul 7, 2015

New spaces are always so exciting to decorate. I remember when we first moved into our new home; all the ideas and projects in my head kept me without sleep for a couple of nights. But I didn’t mind staying up late thinking on all the possibilities that just one room can provide; almost like a blank canvas!
Still, one year after moving in and there are projects pending and many things we dream on doing. The den (or Florida Room) is one of those areas. At the moment, we are using this small room for the Tv but also is where the girls like to play.

Baskets always come handy. I've used them for almost everything and here they are proving a hiding place for all the controls of the Tv and other electronics. My baskets are from BHG at Walmart and can be bought here.  
To keep it simple and looking “organized” I found a bookcase from BHG at Walmart Crossmill Collection that perfectly fit one of the walls in this small room. This piece of furniture was very handy in adding a decorative touch while hiding some baskets filled with some of the girl’s toys. Also, it's the perfect spot to place my decor books and keep them at hand and not hidden.

Another key element in this den were the pillows. These are constantly being thrown into the floor by the girls while playing. I found the perfect set from BHG at Walmart that bring a contemporary and tropical look to the sofa besides concealing any small trail of kid's overuse. 

I love how this small den is starting to come together and although there are so many other things pending, I can finally sit here and feel like we are getting somewhere! Are you planning on moving to a new place soon? If so, what are the areas you are planning on address first?
So honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Network where, as a blogger, I've received compensation byBHG at Walmart. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on FacebookPinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
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