My holiday home tour

Dec 12, 2015

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour. Some of my blogger friends from Instagram and I have joined to bring you great ideas for decorating your home for the Holidays. I know you wouldn't want to miss these tours: Happy Happy Nester, Crazy Chic Design, 2 Ladies and a Chair, Too Chic for Words, Home and Fabulous, Meme Hill, Designs by Laila and Oscar Bravo Home.
Now, come on in and let me show you around our humble abode!
When we bought our 1938 home we feel in love the rustic bricks on the porch. Although it is a tiny area, I love adding a small details that will speak of the current season. I created this swag using some leftover branches from pine trees, green ribbons and some old ornaments from previous holidays. Sugar pine cones add the finishing touches to this area.

On the front door a +HomeGoods wreath with added silver ornaments dictates what I've used as a concept for this year's Christmas decor. While standing here you'll noticed how I've used natural elements to bring in a fresh look with the used of different greeneries.

Over the console at the left I've placed a small pine tree inside a bronze round vase, a couple of deer from last year +The Home Depot  Holiday Challenge and some more pine cones.

On the right side corner you'll see our tree full of more green accents, but still I found a way to add some sparkling details. For this task I used ornaments that sort of replicate the look of mercury glass and a silver color ribbon from +Michaels Stores. I also added some dry hydrangeas and silk "lamp ear's" leaves to keep adding to the fresh look of this room.

Over our mantle lies a needle like pine tree garland to which I've added some magnolia leaves from our garden and a couple of crystal branches from +Michaels Stores. This will make it look fuller and sparkly whenever the sun hits this way.

When we bought our home they told us that the fireplace didn't work. For now I'm fine with that, but to create an illusion of some sort of warmth in this area I simply put a couple of birch logs wrapped with led lights inside this nook. This way I get rid of the awkward opening besides creating a vignette opportunity.

Moving on to the dinning area, a simple centerpiece created from candlesticks, more magnolia leaves, green ornaments and tiny pine cones was all that that this table needed (oh, and also Bella peeking out for the shot).

The kitchen is one of those areas that many of us tend to forget when decorating. You can check out how I added a festive look to mine here.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour. Don't forget to pay a visit to my friends (Happy Happy NesterCrazy Chic Design2 Ladies and a ChairToo Chic for WordsHome and FabulousMeme HillDesigns by Laila and Oscar Bravo Home) and let me know what was your favorite part of our home.

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Christmas Room Tour: My green kitchen

Dec 11, 2015

Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen

There is one part of our homes that during the holidays is left unattended. Maybe it is because we feel that the kitchen is the place where messes are done before big parties, but we most not forget that this area is one of the favorite spots where the guests like to hang out.
Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen
Today I'm joining the Christmas Room Tour hosted by Just a Girl Blog were more that 20 bloggers will be sharing incredible and inspiring room ideas perfect for the holidays. If you are visiting from Lindsay Hill Interiors blog, welcome to my kitchen! I'll make sure you get out of here with cookies and coffee at hand.

Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen

I'm a fan of simplicity and in my kitchen even more because of its modest size. This area is all white (except for the wood counter top) which makes it perfect to use green as the pop out color. I love nature so for me it was a "no-brainier" to use some leftover pine tree branches throughout my decor.

Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen
This cute little pine tree was made from some leftover branches. Will soon post a quick tutorial for it so stay tuned.
Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen
I love mixing faux and natural pieces on my wreaths because these gave them a realistic and fuller look.
Glass canisters are a great way to incorporate texture and color into the kitchen. Because these were going to be over my coffee station, I chose two different sizes in sets of three to make this area more interesting. 

Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen
Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen

About that coffee station, I found the perfect size table at Ikea. It is incredible how much stuff I can put in this area and have everything at hand when preparing my beloved coffee.

Christmas Room Tour Green Kitchen

I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss Pretty Handy Girl's Christmas Room Tour. And don't forget after you visit her (coffee and cookies at hand) you can still get more inspiration from Fox Hollow Cottage, Not Just a Housewife and  Kindred Vintage & Co. Happy holidays!

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