A mattress fit for princesses

Jul 31, 2016

Let me tell you about these princesses adventures. These little ladies love dancing all day. They don't have time to skip a beat, so off they go and dance their way. These ladies enjoy play time too much so day and night their giggles are all we know.

But all this hard work comes with a price and their naps are precious to these little ones. You see, princesses skins are soft and delicate so when it comes to down time, they prefer a soft and comfy mattress to help them recharge their energy.

Aveline matresses from LexMod are incredibly comfortable and besides jumping and dancing, my little princess enjoy their beauty sleep here as well. These mattresses are delivered in a small box and it is a treat to see them unfold once the bag is open.

I would like to thank LexMod for sending this piece of furniture. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

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Summer blog hop 2016; my decor highlights

Summer 2016 decor highlights

Hello there and welcome to this Summer 2016 Tour (blog hop). Hope you've enjoyed Amie's amazing taste when it comes to decor in her blog Meme-Hill. Also Oscar's elegant style and his attention to details in his blog Oscar Bravo Home. And of course Amy's spectacular home in her blog Crazy Chic Design.
For me, Summer has always been one of those seasons that I prefer to go light when it comes to my decor. Here in Miami heat is always intense and because of this I prefer having elements that give an airy feeling to my home.

Summer 2016 decor highlights

Inside I opt for most things white. Sheer curtains are one of the first things that I change when transitioning to Summer. They give that appearance of a light and breezy space.
Another thing I love to bring into my Summer decor are beach elements like these fishing weights.
Recycled glass vases and hurricane candle holders also come in to play on this seasonal setting.

Summer 2016 decor highlights

When choosing elements for my interior decor I try to keep things light; but for my outdoor area, I enjoy adding plants to my surroundings. Green is always my "to-go" color because it feels fresh every time we go out.

Summer 2016 decor highlights
Summer 2016 decor highlights

Hope you've enjoyed my Summer decor highlights and don't forget that the tour continues on in these amazing blogs:

Laila from Designs by Laila
Janine from The Happy Happy Nester

Now, I can't wait for Fall to start. It is such a fun season to decorate around the house. Are you ready for Fall?

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