Festive table setting in a snap

Dec 14, 2016

This year we're celebrating New Year's Eve with our daughters and my father who's visiting us for the Holidays. Since this is not going to be a big event, we're planning on doing a nice dinner and afterwards let the girls stay up late to see the fireworks. Nothing fancy or unusual for many of us, right!
But one thing that I wanted to make special was my dinner table setting. And today I will be sharing my top tips for making a simple and festive dinner table in a snap.

Flowers: For that added natural and fresh look, I love placing an arrangement as a centerpiece. This time they will represent the idea of starting a new and fresh year full of hope (flowers are from Trader Joes).

Gold accessories: I love the sparkle and glamour they add to the setting. But above all, this color represents prosperity and I know it doesn't hurt wishing  a bit of this upon all of us.

Sweets: I found these delicious chocolates at +HomeGoods and boy where they cute as well! They added a pinch of sweetness to the setting while reminding us how sweet life can be.

Initials: I found these Sugar Paper® Metal Monogram Gift Topper at +Target  and fell in love with them. Initially they were going on my tree, but then I thought of placing them as ornaments to identify each sitting place. Talk about multi-purpose!

Mixing textures will add interest in your setting. I found a beautiful muted velvet runner at HomeGoods and it was the perfect canvas to make my mix of dinner plates standout. 

Textures and patterns: I love textures! And just a quick glimpse into my Instagram account will show you how I've made my own mission to mix them with patterns around my decor. For this festive setting I mixed the salad plate with an interesting gold texture around the rim (from +HomeGoods), with a simple white dinner plate. To complete this setting, I placed both over a golden plastic charger also from HomeGoods (which I previously spray painted). To enhance the gold even more, I used a small bowl on top with two different patterns, alternating them around the table.

I'm sure these small details will make our small celebration extra special. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Deck the Halls Christmas Home Tour: Living Room Neutral Decor

Dec 13, 2016

Hello friends, it is so nice to have you all here in the "Deck the Hall Christmas Tour" hosted by Decor Gold Designs and Randi Garrett Design! I bet you couldn't get enough of Kathleen's (Lindsay Hill Interiors) amazing living room. She's one of my favorites interior bloggers because her styles always feels so welcoming and relaxed while using neutrals and some pop of colors.
Today I'm going to be showing you how I've "decked my living room halls for Christmas", and just like Kathleen, you'll notice I'm also a fan of neutral colors. Our 1938 house in Miami is not big. When we first moved in, almost three years ago, the realtor was telling us how the houses in these areas were use solely for vacation purposes. Hence the lack of room and closet space.

Our living room has the original fireplace and I always love to decorate this area thinking on ways to emphasize its beauty and detail. Because I don't want to take away from it, I'll usually style this area with a minimal approach. This Christmas I chose a natural Magolia garland from The Magnolia Company to hang over the mantle. The color of its leaves was all this area needed .

To draw even more attention to our fireplace, I hanged the London mirror (from Grandin Road) over the mantle in this wall. Also by adding a set of metal reindeer (Grandin Road as well) I was able to add visual height.
A pair of "INK + IVY Waldorf Alligator Faux Leather Lounge Accent Chair" from Lamps Plus served as the perfect frame for the fireplace. These sculptural seats elevate the entire look of our living room by providing a modern accent and creating an interesting contrast of styles against the fireplace. The faux leather of the seats felt incredibly comfortable. My husband and I love sitting here and talk about the day's events.

Now let's talk about this amazing "Mandovi Cowhide AL03 Rug" from Rugs USA. I can't get over its detailed geometric pattern and I love the fact that the subtle gray color doesn't clash with either the wood floor or any of the other elements in this area.

As you've already noticed, I love mixing my neutrals with metallics, specially gold. So throughout the decor and including the ornaments in the Christmas tree you'll find sparkling accessories. One example is our "PB Teen Maison Bookcase". Besides being the perfect spot to display all my Christmas houses, the soft gold tone blends very well with the rest of the furniture.

Deck the Halls Christmas Home Tour

Over in the foyer table I also have more metallic pieces which I mixed with wood accessories to balance out their shiny surfaces.

To warm up the rest of the decor, I added a couple of toss pillows in faux fur and leather materials over our sofa. The "Luxury Faux Fur Pillow in Snow Leopard" from Frontgate feels so soft and is the perfect match for the "Mandovi Cowhide AL03 Rug". I created a subtle contrast by adding a pair of faux leather pillows from HomeGoods and the Cube Natural Hide pillow from Grandin Road that served as the unifying element in this setting.

I believe that the key in making this room feel welcoming and comfy lies in creating a balance between the materials and surfaces used. I love coming into this area and just sit and relax while watching our Christmas tree all lit up at nights.
Now, I don't want to hold you here so why don't we all go and visit my lovely neighbor Janet in her blog Shabyfufu. I know you'll fall in love with her elegant and romantic approach in decor. Have a Merry Christmas!

This post was sponsored by some of the brands named here. All the opinions included are mine.

Jen Rizzo
I Don't Know How She Does It

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5 tips to style your Holiday dinner table

Dec 11, 2016

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table

Now that Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities are fast approaching, trying to keep up with all the details and arrangements can be overwhelming. But before you hit the panic button, take a deep breath and read these five tips to help you style your dinner table to help you ease at least one of the many dilemmas that the Holidays can bring.
These tips are part of an Instagram series called #iCanHelpYouStyle in which some of my most talented blogger friends will be sharing some ideas and great insights on how to style different parts of your home. This time around we will help you style your "dinner table" just in time for the Holidays. Remember to follow along these guys for some of the best ideas:

I Don't Know How She Does It

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table
A simple pear tree ornament (from +HomeGoods) and a piece of pine tree branch is all I needed to create a striking decoration over the fabric napkins.

Choose your concept:
Either a color, a form or simply an object; choosing the theme or concept for your dinner table will make its arrangement so much easier. I love starting my tables by choosing the accessory that will decorate my dinner plates. For my Christmas table I chose an old pear ornament set that seems to be decorated with tiny beads. The background color and its texture were the starting point for my inspiration.

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table

Crate a centerpiece:
The centerpiece of a table doesn't have to be complicated. Setting a beautiful flower arrangement (flowers can be from the grocery store), or like in this setting, a group of similar accessories in different heights; will bring interest to your table.

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table
The collection of mercury glass Christmas tree (some from HomeGoods and the lit ones from Grandin Road) create an simple yet interesting centerpiece with their reflective surface.
I like setting the centerpiece of the table with a certain symmetry. By repeating objects in both sides I will create order and a more pleasant look throughout.

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table
5 tips styling Holiday dinner table
Either during the day or through the night, candles always bring in a special ambiance over the dinner table.

Candles are my to-go accent when creating ambiance in my dinner table. I can lit them during the day for a softer look but specially at night for that romantic and warm feeling.

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table

Combine plates:
Since we live in a small house, space for storing seasonal dinnerware sets is limited. Instead I like combing the plates I already have. This is always something that will generate a more collected look for those of you that enjoy a relaxed decor.

5 tips styling Holiday dinner table

Hope these five tips for styling your dinner table for the Holidays come in handy. Don't forget to visit my friends to get one tip from each of them daily through the week of December 12-16.
Have a Merry Christmas!

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Comfy retreat: when there's no snow but still is cold outside

Dec 7, 2016

I'm so honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Network where, as a blogger, I've received compensation by BHG at Walmart. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Around here snow is definitively a "Mission Impossible". But from time to time it gets a little cold. I know that some of you might be thinking "what could she possible be referring as 'cold' over in Florida?"; well, for a girl like me born in an island, cold is anything below 72℉. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to survive living in a place where there are temperatures lower than that for long periods of time. But the good thing is that while it's still difficult for me getting used to the weather during the months of December and January, I love sitting outside with my husband in our conversation area and just chat about the day's events.

This year I've decided to set a merrier atmosphere in this area with some Holiday accessories from BHG at Walmart. To start off, I placed over the coffee table a set of three ceramic houses that already came with battery operated tealights (you can find these at Walmart stores). During the night their soft light really sets a peaceful mood.

I paired these ceramic houses with two hurricane candle holders in different sizes with a metallic design at the bottom for an added elegant detail. Inside I placed battery operated pillar candles also from BGH at Walmart with a beautiful silver finish.

For those "cold" nights I'll be serving hot chocolate in these Better Homes and Gardens Soft Square Mugs available at Walmart. To make them extra special, I previously wrote a message with a black permanent marker. You can always personalized these mugs with permanent color markers or a removable decal (just remember to take these out before placing them in the dishwasher).

Another element I like adding in this area were scented big pine cones. I love their cinnamon fragrance and decided to buy several packages from BHG at Walmart. I lay these over some baskets under the coffee table and they look and smell amazing!

Of course a throw was a must. I found a beautiful and WARM chenille throw in a green plaid pattern from BHG at Walmart. I know this is going to be one of those things that everyone will fight over who's going to used it. Better get a couple more of these!
With just the perfect holiday accessories this area is now the perfect spot for relaxation during the upcoming months. It has all the elements to be called a personal retreat: cozy throws, a welcoming ambiance with candles and the best company in he world, my husband.
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season!

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