14 ideas to style your home for spring

Mar 17, 2017

Welcome to the "14 Ideas To Style Your Home For Spring" blog hop where 14 bloggers will be sharing each unique take on spring decor. Hope you've enjoyed the tour of the talented Bethany from Dwellings By Devore. Her approach to design and decor is always so elegant!
For me, the thought of spring brings in the opportunity to think about refreshing and keeping things light in the home. Many of us like to receive spring right from the front door with beautiful porches and wreaths. But since I've already done that in the past, I thought on updating our bedroom this time around.

I started by moving pieces of furniture until I was pleased with the new arrangement. Next came the windows which are the quickest and inexpensive way to updating a room. By switching curtains for some panels that were made of a lighter fabric (I found these at HomeGoods), the space quickly began to transform. I opted for a sheer version which will allow this area to received that wonderful spring sunlight.

Simple updates for the wall are also another spot you might want to tackle. I've had for a while now some big frames which I've used in our dinning room wall (you can see them here). I found three more and thought of using these on our bedroom. By updating some of the photos (I printed these poster size at Walmart) I was able to use these to frame our window. They also add some height to this space.

A new comforter with some nature inspired patterns also added that spring look I was aiming for. This comforter set from +HomeGoods can be used on either side (one is white and the other navy) and I decorated it with a mix of pillows.

My basket collection now resides in this bedroom over a bench. I love the look and how it enhances this sitting spot. Most of these baskets were great finds from HomeGoods!

To finalized this spring refresh, I added some plants on both sides of the bed.
Simplifying things has become my new mantra, and while I love decorating, I strongly believe that less is better specially in a small house like ours. For me, this type of approach comes with a relaxed state of mind!
Hope you've enjoyed this bedroom refresh and don't forget to visit the lovely Janine from Happy Happy Nester, who's hosting this "14 Ideas To Style Your Home For Spring" blog hop along these amazing blogger friends:

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Styled for Spring Home Tour: Dinner table with a rustic charm

Mar 14, 2017

Hello friends and welcome to the "Styled for Spring Home Tour" hosted by the amazing Randi from "Randi Garrett Design" and Jennifer from "Decor Gold Designs". Hope you've enjoyed the beautiful home of Leslie from the "The Leslie Style"; she has such a great taste when it comes to decor.

This time around I've chosen to style my dining table and get it ready for spring. Since I love adding textures and bringing the outdoor inside, I've opted for some potted plants as my centerpiece.
These big and amazing terracotta planter are from HomeGoods and I love the rustic charm they bring into the decor or the table. The best part is that I can simply place them outside without having to worry about throwing anything away. Although I love how flowers also give this area a fresh look, the thought of seeing them wilt and having to place them in the trash, makes me very sad. So using plants for a change is definitively something I might want to try again.

Another thing I did to bring some spring vibe into this setting was using flowers from our mango tree which is in full bloom as I write. They are amazing and bring so much texture and freshness into the table. Their color also goes very well with the rest of the elements. If you would like to try a similar approach when setting your spring table, I would recommend to try whatever is in season in your area; either flowers, fruits or leaves will work wonders.

These melamine plates, also from HomeGoods, have a rustic design over the rim which mix very well with my table's concept. I used wooden bowls to add more texture and to create contrast against the light color of the plates. As you can see, this type of diner table decor is also ideal to take out into the patio.

When setting a table I always try to add an element that will surprise my guests when they arrive. These terracotta planters did just that besides adding some height and bringing interest into this area.

Hope you've enjoyed my dining table for the "Styled for Spring Home Tour" and that I've inspired you to create something different for this season. Now Courtney from "A Thoughtful Place" is waiting for you at her beautiful home. I know you will enjoy her take on spring just as much as I do. Don't forget to visit these talented blogger friends who are also part of this inspiring home tour:

Here are the participants from Week 1 of Styled for Spring...

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