4 accessories for small entryways

May 15, 2017

accessories small entryways tiny houses

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On small houses like ours, entryways are a rare thing. But a place to make guests feel welcome and also where we can place the mail, is a must. On our home I've recently added a small table which was perfect because of its compact size. 
To style this area and to make it functional, there are 3 things I usually like to keep in mind:

accessories small entryways tiny houses

No 1. Wall art or wall decor: I love to keep things simple, so this wall art was the perfect piece for this area. The perspective and black and white style made this spot seemed more spacious. 

accessories small entryways tiny houses

No 2. Flowers: Every once in a while I like to have flowers in a place where my guests will see them. This will make them feel welcome besides adding a fresh look in our small entryway.

accessories small entryways tiny houses
accessories small entryways tiny houses

No 3. Tray: There's always a place for everything and trays are the perfect accessory to place the keys and the latest mail. This wooden tray I found at HomeGoods is the perfect size for our entryway table. I love how it resembles a small dough bowl.

accessories small entryways tiny houses

No 4. Baskets: These are the ideal hiding place for blankets, small backpacks etc. Baskets will allow us to keep large items at hand without over crowding the entryway. This oval basket I found at HomeGoods is made out of natural fibers and has the ideal size for storing away a couple of throws.

As you can see it's easy to assign a small area where one can greet guests but also a place where you can drop-off or pick-up stuff. It won't matter how big or small your entryway is as long as it serves it purpose and makes your life easy and practical. Do you currently have an entryway area?

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  1. This looks amazing. I love it all. What a pretty table and the vignette is stunning.

    1. Thank you so much! I can't believe I found the table size this space needed. Simplicity for me is always the best way to go.


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