An all-in-one room gets a summer refresh

Jun 14, 2017

Refresh a small room for summer

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Small houses can sometimes feel crowded; and with a family of 5 (plus one dog), things can get interesting. Our 1938 Miami house came with a "Florida sun room" which we're guessing was an addition to the original structure. When we bough the house this area had a door which made the whole space feel secluded and dark. We ended up removing this door and now we are using the room as a tv room/playroom/office.

Refresh a small room for summer

Some of you might be wondering "how is all this possible?". Well, there are certain things that are guaranteed to make the best out of a space when it comes to organization. 
A couple of months ago I bought an Oxford Square TV Stand and Console from BHG products at Walmart and it really has helped in keeping all my daughters' games and books in one place. Also storage stools are a great solution when trying to keep things in order. 

Refresh a small room for summer

I like to update this room seasonally and for the summer I've changed the pillows and added some fun elements to make this area feel welcoming and refreshed.

Refresh a small room for summer

To enhance this room, I added a Greek Key indoor/outdoor rug from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. The best thing about this rug is that, since it is also made to be used outdoor, cleaning it is super easy. I can just vacuum, sweep or rinse with a garden hose. Fabulous idea for us moms!

Refresh a small room for summer

I upgraded the pillows and I fell in love with the tropical design on these ones. The Palmetto Tropical Pillow with Jute Binding and Palm Fronds Green Velvet Flocked Pillow both from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart look amazing for this summer season.

Refresh a small room for summer

To create an atmosphere during the nights, I found this beautiful Metal Lantern Lamp from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart which casts a gorgeous shadow over the surfaces.

Refresh a small room for summer
Refresh a small room for summer

My favorite part of this room refresh was this Galvanized Vertical Planter because it allowed me to bring in some plants from my patio. They add that fresh touch to the room. 
By rearranging the furniture and adding some basic pieces I was able to refresh this overly used room. Now we are all set for summer! Have you redecorated any room in your home for summer?

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  1. Such a cute room. Must be the best hangout!

    1. Thank you Colette! It is a fun place to hang! Love having a glimpse to our patio. Thanks for stopping by!


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