Best plants to enhance a shaded area

Jul 21, 2017

Deck area surrounded by greenery

I love plants and truly enjoyed working alongside, as a blogger, with Costa Farms for this sponsored post. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and gardening ideas, you can always follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

When it comes to plants and flowers, I want them all! I'm so appreciative of the good energy they carry and how they unintentionally can bring a fresh look everywhere they are placed. When I designed our new deck area I've envisioned it to be surrounded by plants. But I have a confession, my plant selection for this shaded area was very peculiar because I wanted the plants to be green and white. If you ask me why, the only reason I could think of was because of its simplicity. I'm always attracted to simple and minimalist spaces, so for my outdoor shaded area is no wonder that I wanted just that: simplicity.

Costa Farms Plant Library

I'm not an expert in this area, but I know I can always count on Costa Farms when it comes to choosing the right plants. On their website you can find, among other things, a "Plant Library" with an amazing explanation for each of them. I also had the opportunity to talk with Justin who works with Costa Farms and he gave me some great ideas on what plants would do best under our mango tree.

Swingasan and small deck

Ideal plants for under the tree
After going through Justin's suggestions, I opted for these beautiful plants I'm about to share. Keep in mind that the plants that I'm using are for shaded area or part sun.

White Diamond Caladium"Grown exclusively for its foliage, caladiums offer green arrow-shaped leaves variegated in cream, red, or pink. They go dormant in winter, but pop back up in spring". And because like I mentioned before, I love simplicity, the Variegated White Diamond was the one that I chose on the right side of the deck.

White Diamond Caladium
Caladium plant for shaded area

Alocasia: "...big, bold and dramatic, a few of these as a focal point will create a wall of color and texture behind your patio". The perfect backdrop for the deck! The big leaves of this plant and its form, bring an added touch of elegance to this shaded area.

Alocasia plant for shaded area
Alocasia plant for shaded area

Vinca (Annual): As an accent to the Alocasias  I added the Vinca to bring in a bit of the white I love so much under these big plants. There are two characteristics that I really love about the Vinca: 1. these "nonstop flowers show from early summer till fall" and 2. it "is drought tolerant and requires almost no maintenance".

Vinca plant for shaded area

Carcuma Ginger: "This tropical shows off tulip-like flowers on and off all summer long with attractive foliage. In winter, it goes dormant (loses all its leaves), but comes back again the next spring". I really love how elegant this flower looks and if you look very closely, you'll notice it has little purple flowers inside some of its petals. This makes it perfect to pair it down with the Persian Shield.

Carcuma Ginger plant for shaded area
Carcuma Ginger plant for shaded area

Persian Shield: The color of the leaves of this plant its unbelievable! It's a deep almost iridescent purple which makes it perfect as an accent. I mixed the Persian Shield with the Carcuma Ginger  and added these to the exterior borders of the deck.

Persian Shield and Carcuma Ginger plants

The perfect mix of plants
Having a variety of plants under our mango tree is such a treat for the eyes. These plants really have enhanced this shaded area by adding a rich variety of textures and forms. Our little corner now feel energized and welcoming thanks to all these beautiful plants from Costa Farms!

Deck surrounded by plants

Have you created a little outdoor corner with plants recently? If so, which plants did you choose?

Succulents, Carcuma Ginger and Persian Shield

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