Square basket pattern floating deck project

Jul 7, 2017

Placing final boards on floating deck

The process of creating our small floating deck under the mango tree has been a long one. Not because how difficult it was to built, but this area that I've envisioned and designed was built during a very rainy week. This, and besides the fact that my husband was my builder (and he works full-time), didn't stopped us from finishing this area.

Patio lights and playhouse

Why a deck?
Well, in this area we used to have the girl's playhouse. This house was made or wood but not the one that can resist probably our climate. We had this house for around 2 years but then it started to fall down in areas that could become dangerous to the girls.
So, with much sadness, I decided to get rid of it and to create this deck which I knew the girls would love to use to play.
Another reason that we decided on building this deck area was because grass never grows under this mango tree. No matter the time and effort placed on watering and taking care of it, it just never happened. So the less we see of the dead grass patches, and the more we can get out of our patio; the better!

Before deck under tree

I've previously shared here my initial plans for this area. Take a look at my vision!

The actual building process:
My husband has been for a while an avid Pinterest fan for all things "built with wood". He was the one to suggested to make this floating deck with a square basket pattern instead of the regular placing of the boards. He found this great tutorial online which helped him in building the deck.
My husband started the project by placing 5 concrete deck blocks (from the HomeDepot) which easily allowed him to create the base frame. He used the fifth one in the center for support. After leveling these, he started to build the outer frame by joining the corner of the 2x4 with screws. He then also level this frame.

Concrete deck blocks for floating deck
These metal pieces called joist hangers served as support for the two central long beams that created the four quadrants. The rest of the beams in each quadrant were also joined to the central one by more joist hangers.
Concrete deck blocks for floating deck

My husband then placed the inner support beams according to the square basket pattern. There is a 16" space in between these beams and the inner area of the base frame was divided into 4 quadrants to allow the square basket pattern. As seeing in the photo below.

Framework for deck quadrants

After all these sections were correctly leveled, the next step was to create a border before installing the top boards. For this he used 1x8 Weathershield Preasure-Treated board and left an overhang all around.

Deck border with overhang
Deck border with overhang

To finish this project the top boards (1x4) were placed according to the square basket pattern.
Two coats of Behr's Premium Semi-Transparent Weather Proofing All-In-one Wood stain & Sealer in "Coffee" color made the trick.

Final top boards for deck pattern
Staining wood deck

Now that this is all set, lets go out and search for plants! Stay tuned for this event!

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