8 tips for bringing in fall into your home

Sep 15, 2017

Pumpkin tealight holder

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Why hasn’t fall come any faster? I know some of you are still enjoying the pleasures of hot Summer nights, but here has been so hot…always! Cooler days are in my wish list these days; and while I wait for them to come, my interior décor will get a fall intervention. Today I’ll be sharing 8 things anyone can do to bring that fall feeling into your home.

1. Scented is better
Candles come in so many sizes and fragrances, and Better Homes & Gardens candles at Walmart come in an amazing variety. I’ve found that the best way to bring that fall sensation into our home is by lighting up a “Warm Pumpkin Cookies”. The smell is incredible and now I want to start baking!
I wanted to elevate the look of this candle so I placed it inside this beautiful “Metal Wood Hurricane” also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

Scented candle 1
Scented candle

2. Toss some pillows:
The more the merrier, or so they say. I found these amazing pillows all from (Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart) and right now I think I need more. Love their color specially the Gray Velvet Crystals Pillow one because it has a delicate pattern made of crystals that really enhances the look. The Better Homes & Gardens Taupe Medallion Decorative Pillow with Tassels also plays so well paired with the Greek Key Chenille one. Remember to mix styles to generate an interesting look.

Fall toss pillows for the sofa

3. Throw in a throw
Nothing says “fall ready” better than a throw. And while I won’t be curling up in it for a while, I think leaving one nearby screams comfort and warmth. The gray herringbone patter of this Better Homes & Gardens Woven Fringe Throw (available at Walmart) goes perfectly with the rest of my décor.

Basket with throw

4. I’ve never met a pumpkin I didn’t like
And this Metal Tealight Holder (in the form of a pumpkin) from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart is welcoming my guests in the entryway and saying “hello fall”! The tealights will bring in a soft and warm light during the night, perfect for this season.

Metal pumpkin tealight holder

5. Update your curtains
The easiest way to update the look of a space is by changing the curtains. I added these Better Homes & Gardens Solid Basket Weave in Light School Gray to mix with my pillows and the rest of the accessories in the room. Its texture is another great way to incorporate warmth into a fall decor.

Fall living room

6. Twisting the classics
Adding battery operated candles are also a great way to bring in fall vibes. These Better Homes & Gardens Flameless LED Pillar Candles 3-Pack Marble do just that but with a modern twist.

Battery operated marbled candles
Battery operated marbled candles

7. An apple a day
No time for baking pies? No worries, these “Fresh Orchard Apples” wax cubes are the perfect match for my kitchen’s Better Homes & Gardens Wax Warmer. I love its simple lines and white ceramic.

Ceramic wax warmer

8. Bring your lanterns inside
I’ve brought my old Better Homes & Gardens Crossbar Metal Outdoor Lantern inside and placed them over the small entryway table (see how I’ve used them before here). Instead of placing candles inside, I’ve added some paper pumpkins and wheat stalks inside. Love the harvest look of them now!

Outdoor lanterns indoor
Outdoor lanterns indoor fall decor

As you can see, bringing in fall into your décor is not that easy and doesn’t require tons of pumpkins, pies or apples. Using accessories that will bring a comfort look and warmth and that can be used for winter as well, will do the trick! Are you ready for the season? If not, come visit my Instagram account for a chance to win a Walmart gift card. (See the details here)

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  1. All of the options are amazing, but my favorite is the first one! I love that "metal wood hurricane"!


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