Fall ready porch and entryway

Oct 11, 2017

Fall entryway decorated with lanterns

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Getting ready for all the festivities ahead couldn’t be more exciting. I love greeting my guests with a beautiful porch and entryway; and this season I’m using some incredible accessories from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. I can assure you these pieces will create a warm a welcoming statement.

Fall inspired planter

There’s no need to sacrifice the d├ęcor on small porches because of their size. On ours I was able to fit the beautiful 15.5 inch Camrose Farmhouse Planter form Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart (available only at stores). It is weather resistant and lightweight. Because I didn’t wanted it to gain weight with the soil, before I stared planting my Walmart plants and flowers, I filled the bottom of this planter with some plastic bottles from my recycling bin.

Fall planter with purple tones
Fall porch

For this planter I chose plants in a variety of heights and colors to make it an interesting view. I used: Angelonia Serenita Purple, Sweet Potato Vine and in the center an Alocasia. All these love part sun which make them perfect for this area. I also used on the steps of my porch two Domed Metal Outdoor Lantern also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

Fall entryway with lanterns and pumpkins

Now to my favorite part, the entryway. I fell in love with these Galvanized Metal Large Lanterns also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart (available at stores) and decided to use several of them on one of our entryway walls. Inside of these lanterns I placed some mini white pumpkins and in others Flameless LED Pillar Candles.

Lanterns filled with mini pumpkins

Over our small entryway table I place an Acacia Oval Bowl I found in stores and also from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. This piece is so versatile and I use it to place these amazing Better Homes & Gardens Hammered Gold 10 Oz Candle in Soft Cashmere Amber fragrance. To fill in the spaces, some silk faux branches did the job.

Fall bowl with candles
Fall entryway in gold colors

I had for a while a set of Galvanized Metal Olive Buckets from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmartand thought they added the perfect final touch. These are great to display my large white pumpkins and faux fall branches.

Fall branches and pumpkins
Fall living room decor

My small entryway and porch are now ready to greet my family and friends for the season. I love how bright and welcoming this area now feels. Is your house ready for Fall?

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  1. Oh my goodness, love those lanterns on the wall!! Your entry looks so inviting!!

    1. Thanks Debbie! I love the simple but welcoming look.

  2. Hmm.... now the two I've got sitting on my cabinet look boring. LOL
    Brilliant execution. Love it all.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I know yours look amazing!!!

  3. Beautiful! Can you tell me where you got the table you used for your coffee table? And are the benches the right height for that table and where are they from?
    I love that you used those there instead of a coffee table, I have not seen that before!

    1. Hello there Alissa. So happy you’ve stopped here. This particular coffee table it’s from Amazon I will be posting at the bottom the link for it. As for the benches, those are to put your feet up so probably they are not that comfortable for seating at the coffee table per se. These benches are from HomeGoods. I’ve use these in past and that coffee table for my daughters to study. Hope this gives you a better view or perspective of these two pieces. Thank you once again and here is an affiliated link for the table ( I just painted in that gray color ) http://rstyle.me/~cz-9VC9V


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