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The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge 2016

Mar 31, 2016

The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

After much waiting with excitement, today I'm sharing my photos for +The Home Depot  Patio Style Challenge. I know by now many of you must have read about my backyard transformation (here and here) and how special these areas created are to me and my family.

The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge
The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

When it came to styling the conversation area, I try keeping an organic and fresh look that will feel relaxed and in connection with the nature that surrounds this space. As you'll see this space is my retreat for gardening but also a special corner to spend the nights with family and friends.

The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge
The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

To know more about my selection of accessories and furniture pick, and to see more of this space, visit their The Apron (The Home Depot's blog) here.

The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge
The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

Hope you enjoy the ideas on this little new outdoor space of ours and don't forget to see more here.  And remember you can always see more photos of this and other project besides my decor style on my Instagram account @idknowhowshedoesit.

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Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge 2014

Dec 11, 2014

Welcome to my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. I've been holding this for so looooong I can't hardly believe the day has finally arrived! When Home Depot contacted me for this challenge I almost felt into the ground with such great news. I was so ecstatic (and still are) not just because I was going to be part or a group of talented bloggers whom I admire for a long time; but the fact that this time around there were "mystery boxes" got me smitten with all the countless possibilities there could be inside of them.

Another thing that really took me to cloud 9 was the email stating the part of the home that I got to work my magic around: THE MANTEL. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you should know by now how much I love this mantle of ours. It's vintage look is my pride and joy in this new house.

So now without any further ado, here is part of my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge. Hope you get the chance to visit THIS LINK for more details on this mantel decor and more fun ideas. Also, don't forget to leave me comment; they really mean the world to me.

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Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

Apr 15, 2014

Finally the big day has arrived for me to share some photos of my take on the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge. I'm so excited to be one of the participants of this great challenge, and let me tell you that I still believe this this all a dream! Just the thought of being surrounded by so many great, is really a huge honor.

I'm taking this space today to post some of the final photos from my urban garden. You'll notice that, although my space is not big at all, I took advantage of all it's corners to make the best of a city apartment balcony. I also took in consideration that here in Miami we have a hot climate most of the time, so that is why I chose to use succulents as one of  my main components in the design.
Hope you'll like it and please visit my post on +The Home DepotThe Apron for more pics and a quick tutorial on how I did the succulent canal.

Besides succulents being one of the main elements in my design, the color green and squares were also fundamentals to the entire area. The floor, Naturesort Bamboo Composite Deck Tiles, gives you an idea on how the design evolved from the ground up.

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My holiday home tour

Dec 12, 2015

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour. Some of my blogger friends from Instagram and I have joined to bring you great ideas for decorating your home for the Holidays. I know you wouldn't want to miss these tours: Happy Happy Nester, Crazy Chic Design, 2 Ladies and a Chair, Too Chic for Words, Home and Fabulous, Meme Hill, Designs by Laila and Oscar Bravo Home.
Now, come on in and let me show you around our humble abode!
When we bought our 1938 home we feel in love the rustic bricks on the porch. Although it is a tiny area, I love adding a small details that will speak of the current season. I created this swag using some leftover branches from pine trees, green ribbons and some old ornaments from previous holidays. Sugar pine cones add the finishing touches to this area.

On the front door a +HomeGoods wreath with added silver ornaments dictates what I've used as a concept for this year's Christmas decor. While standing here you'll noticed how I've used natural elements to bring in a fresh look with the used of different greeneries.

Over the console at the left I've placed a small pine tree inside a bronze round vase, a couple of deer from last year +The Home Depot  Holiday Challenge and some more pine cones.

On the right side corner you'll see our tree full of more green accents, but still I found a way to add some sparkling details. For this task I used ornaments that sort of replicate the look of mercury glass and a silver color ribbon from +Michaels Stores. I also added some dry hydrangeas and silk "lamp ear's" leaves to keep adding to the fresh look of this room.

Over our mantle lies a needle like pine tree garland to which I've added some magnolia leaves from our garden and a couple of crystal branches from +Michaels Stores. This will make it look fuller and sparkly whenever the sun hits this way.

When we bought our home they told us that the fireplace didn't work. For now I'm fine with that, but to create an illusion of some sort of warmth in this area I simply put a couple of birch logs wrapped with led lights inside this nook. This way I get rid of the awkward opening besides creating a vignette opportunity.

Moving on to the dinning area, a simple centerpiece created from candlesticks, more magnolia leaves, green ornaments and tiny pine cones was all that that this table needed (oh, and also Bella peeking out for the shot).

The kitchen is one of those areas that many of us tend to forget when decorating. You can check out how I added a festive look to mine here.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour. Don't forget to pay a visit to my friends (Happy Happy NesterCrazy Chic Design2 Ladies and a ChairToo Chic for WordsHome and FabulousMeme HillDesigns by Laila and Oscar Bravo Home) and let me know what was your favorite part of our home.

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Re-using driftwood

Dec 3, 2013

For some time now, I was the proud owner of an abstract driftwood sculpture I bought a long time ago on +HomeGoods. I loved how good it looked everywhere I put it. This sculpt beauty from the sea travel far and long through my home; from the bathroom to my ever changing shelf, to my room and even my receiving area. She was very happy every placed I put her.
But, like many things around here, it was her time to make a transformation; a huge big change. I had great plans for her, and so I decided to turn her into a frame for a mirror.

Today I'm sharing with you the transformation of my driftwood sculpture into a beautiful and gleaming mirror frame. For this task you'll need some driftwood (that is if you don't already have an item made out of that material and that is in need of a really cool transformation!), Liquid Nails (a powerful adhesive available on +The Home Depot), a mirror (I bought my octagon mirror on +Michaels Stores) and a metallic spray paint (also from Home Depot).
I first dismounted the sculptured and took my time to take all the nails from each little driftwood piece (believe me when I say, this was the longest part). After all this was done, I took my wood and placed it over a cover area so I can spray paint my way! Lately I've been infatuated with the Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic in Gold, to the point that even after painting I just love how the color looks on my nails (I know, its crazy!!!).

After all the painting was done, I took my mirror and my painted driftwood and started gluing the pieces with my Liquid Nails. The trick here was to do this in levels, I first glue what was the base of my entire frame and from there on, the other "levels". Remember to leave some time after applying the glue it will dry well.
At the end my entire frame took 4 levels and, to make it shinier (and to see again the beautiful Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic in Gold in my nails!!!) I added another coat of spray paint covering the mirror with old newspaper.

Though I took my precautions on covering the mirror, some paint fell on it. But with a blade, I carefully remove the stains and clean the area with some regular mirror cleaner.
I just love how it all ended looking at the end. It feels like having a new accessory at my home! What will you re-use today? Share your ideas and comment with me.

Come on over to Remodelaholic to see this project and many more on her last year Link Party.
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Front door brought back to life

Jul 6, 2017

Front door brought back to life

My front door has always been one of my favorite architectural elements in our home. Some of the houses around the neighborhood still have this original wood door with it's circular (or in other cases, diamond like) vision lite. When we moved in, this front door was painted with a dull dark brown color that didn't enhance its beauty.

Neutral gray painted front door

Being a neutral palette lover, I decided back then to paint this door gray and for this I used Home Depot's Behr Dolphin Fin color (#790C-3).

Harvest inspired front door

After a while, I got tired of this color and wanted to use a brighter hue, which was not a thing I usually do. I then painted the front of the door in a bright yellow color, again from Home Depot's Behr brand. To tell you the truth this color only made me happy through last year's Fall season because it created a great contrast base against my DIY wreath for my Fall Porch.

Front door brought back to life

Bringing this door to its roots:
Now I wanted to bring our front door back to life, back to its roots. And for this I started by stripping all the old layers of paint with a miracle product called Citristrip! I cannot tell you enough good things about it, but to name a few:
- this smelled so fresh and incredible
- I have sensitive skin and was able to manage this product without consequences
- it worked so quickly and removed all that old paint
Now I wanted to remove every bit of paint in all the doors in my house! (P.S. this is not a sponsored or paid post. I just really love how it worked.)

Process on how to remove paint from a front door

After I removed the heavy layers of paint, what remained was sort of a dark film over the original wood which I was able to easily remove by sanding. I first used Diablo's premium 5 in. 80-Grit universal discs with Hook and Lock backing and ended up wit a 120-Grit for a soft finished.

Final touch
To finish with this door and because its natural beauty was too much to hide behind a color, I simply applied two coats of Minwax® Helmsman® Spar Urethane protective clear finish. In between coats I again used my 120-Grit sanding paper to eliminate any rough patches.

Front door brought back to life

I really love how this product brought back to life the grain of this old door without adding a glossy finish.

Front door brought back to life

What do you think of this procedure? Would you dare to bring back to life an old door or piece of furniture with this process? Share your thoughts with me!

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Rustic, eclectic and vintage style Christmas tree

Dec 1, 2014

Rustic, eclectic and vintage is what better describes our Christmas tree decoration. This year's ornaments are in gold, silver, and copper but in many instances, the worn-out version of these colors. Burlap and cardboard elements are what add a hint of rusticity to the look but also texture to the arrangement. as so the grapevine star (which I bought a long time ago at Target).

Last year's tree top didn't worked, so I had a small star mirror around our home (previously adorning on of our walls) which now groups together and completes the style.

These religious inspired ornaments are available at Target.
Metal, mirrors and mercury glass ornaments are some of our beautiful tree accents this year.
Mirror ornaments in the form of cute forest animals and mercury glass balls bring an additional glimmer to the tree.

Metal letters from Michaels add a personal touch to our tree. Each 5 of us has it own initial decorating the tree.
From my +The Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge I had some ball ornaments remaining and decided to use them to fill in some spaces around the tree. These came in two different sizes which I love because it created an interesting balance of proportions.

Mr. Nutcracker, always present during this Holidays.

A fiber basket served as my tree base. 
Although I'm still trying to decide which type of style can my tree fall in, I can surely say that I fell in LOVE with my tree's decor. What style of theme is your tree? Share with me your ideas, I would love to read them.

List of ornaments:
Big mercury glass balls from Target
Small metallic balls from Home Depot
Grapevine stars from Target
Small mercury glass grapes from HomeGoods
Small metallic stars from Ikea
Small metallic letters from Michaels
Burlap ribbon from JoAnn
Metallic colored Nutcrackers from Target
Small metallic colored nuts from HomeGoods
Mirror forest animals from Target
Religious ornaments from Target
Basket as tree base from HomeGoods

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