Silver and gold accents for a glamorous holiday table setting

Nov 10, 2015

The holidays are just a couple of weeks away and I couldn't resist myself and had to start practicing my table setting for future family gatherings. This year is going to be extra special since my only brother will be joining us for Christmas and he's planning on surprising my 3 daughters with his visit. I just can't wait to see everyone's face light up with excitement!

Because this is a special and memorable year, I've decided to make my setting glamorous by adding silver and gold tone accents. To start my arrangement, I've placed sets of dishes with a modern and beautiful design. These are from the new Holiday collection of BHG at Walmart and I have to say that they are "ultra-stylish". I love simplicity but along with it a bit of glitz never hurted anyone!

No table setting will be finished without a centerpiece and one of the elements that I loved the most was the candle holder reindeer. I painted this accessory with gold spray paint so it blended better with the rest of the setting. You can find this beautiful adorn also from BHG at Walmart, here. I threw into the mix some mercury glass trees and candles to create a warm atmosphere and to add to the glamorous setting I've envisioned.

On this table design I love repeating the globe shape. You will find it in my pendant air plant holders, on the teardrop napkin holders (which are Christmas tree ornaments), on the mercury glass candle holders and even on the wine glasses. This creates a unifying element throughout the entire setting.

I love how this setting turned out; it is of a simple design but with that special Midas touch that only gold (and in this case, silver) can bring. When setting a table always remember that one of the most important things you can do is to play with the heights of each of the elements. This will assure you a pleasant sight and unity throughout the centerpiece.
For this coming holidays, are you planning on decorating your table or do you focus more on your mantel or outdoors? Share your ideas with me.

So honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Network where, as a blogger, I've received compensation by BHG at Walmart. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on FacebookPinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

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Why you'll start dressing your walls with art

Nov 9, 2015

When it comes to selecting a piece of art, for me it has to speak for itself. No matter the size, art can put a face of drama, it can bring a subtle mesmerizing feeling or even a sense of happiness every time you look at it. No matter your perception, one thing is for sure; art always creates a statement and it dresses your walls in an eloquent yet elegant way.
Recently I was asked by the great people of Top Art to pick a piece of art from their monumental collection. I was so impressed with all the great choices and ended up choosing a stretched canvas from the artist Michelle Oppenheimer, called Intense. Her work is characterized by simple titles that will allow the person to freely interpret and reason each piece individually without her influencing ones opinion.

Intense to me is a strong and dramatic approach to neutrality. While there are people who might think that using a neutral palette can result into a boring design; I think that by adding textures and playing up with form can add interest. And Michelle does exactly that in this specific piece.
I love how there's a tension between the perpendicular strokes yet the tension seems to dissipate into the soft grays. There's also an element of surprise; foot prints of both a human and an animal are present in this canvas.

I will not bore you with my analysis but the truth is that this piece of art dresses to perfection my wall. It is what seals this room almost monochromatic theme in a dramatic and elegant way.
Will you add drama or will soft strokes dress your walls? Pick your choice!

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Holiday centerpiece: make it edible and easy

Nov 7, 2015

Simple edible centerpiece

I'm always looking for ways to surprise my guest. And this year during the holiday gatherings I've decided to create a tablescape that will get my party started... an edible and colorful centerpiece.
My first stop in order to create this setting was Walmart where I got all the delicious fruits and vegetable (at incredible prices) used on this project. Once I was at home, I took one of my wood cutting boards, a small cheese board and a wood vase (all from HomeGoods)and used them as the base of the arrangement.

Simple edible centerpiece

I used for this setting colossal pomegranates, big grapes, rambutans because of their attention grabbing textures, plums and added  little radishes to balance taste and sizes. A good piece of cheese was placed over the small cheese board along with some pine cones and pecans to finish the decoration.

Simple edible centerpiece

I love how the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetable pop out from the table. The mix of soft and rugged textures are a true feast for the eyes.
This table centerpiece was so easy to do and the best part was that after the party there was no decoration to put away, just a couple of boards to clean up!

Simple edible centerpiece

Hope you've liked this simple idea. Have you tried making an edible centerpiece or any other arrangement with food? Share your ideas with me!

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Art that speaks to your senses

Oct 28, 2015

Art is an important part of a room's transformation. It can upgrade its style from simple to elegant or even create the most interesting atmosphere. Of course a piece of art will say a lot about its owner's taste and lifestyle,or simply speak about a certain state of mind.
A while ago I was asked by Minted to chose a piece of wall art that in some way could speak to my senses. My decor style, as you might know by now, is very simple with the use of neutral colors but with emphasis in textures either visual or tactile. So when I was in the hunt for that special piece I turned my eyes into abstracts.

I'm sure the piece I chose had a sentimental meaning to Benedetti (one of the feature artists at Minted), where she explored "the impact of high contrast and subtle layers focusing on movement through line"; but for me this piece evoked a feeling of contemplation and reflection not just on matters of great importance but on things we face everyday.

The "Black Impact" (a limited edition piece) also had that textural thing I'm always after in my decor; brush strokes, paint drippings and geometrical forms. The colors are all in the neutral gamma and the best part was that this piece can be customized from the frame to the size. I love the fact that Minted carries a great stock of "Oversize Art Prints" (this one is 40"x30") which was ideal for the big area over my fireplace where it now inhabits.
Big wall art pieces make for a great focal point and this particular one will give my guests a warm welcome.
I received compensation in the form of a wall art in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and photos are my own.

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