Latest HomeGoods post: "Mom-Appoved" tween study area

Jul 31, 2017

Did you see my latest post for HomeGoods? I'm talking about a "Mom- aprooved" tween study area. You can check the post here .
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Turn Ikea cabinets into a sideboard

Jul 30, 2017

Sideboard are useful on dining areas
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There's a first time for everything and I can now say that we've mastered an Ikea Hack! As you may all know by now, we live in a 1938 Miami house with roughly 1,300 sq feet; so space is very limited. I needed an area to store all my seasonal decor (because the mini garage is already cramped). I thought about finding a long and skinny sideboard to fit in our dining area, but couldn't find one within our budget. In-comes-Ikea!

Three cabinets are top with lumber
We bought three Eket cabinets and their birch underframe which are sold separately. 
I found at Ikea the Eket cabinets with a depth of 9 7/8". The only problem was that I needed more than one (three to be exact) and couldn't take the idea of them seemed like individual modules. To remedy this situation I came with the idea of placing a wooden top over the cabinets to give them a sense of unity.
I wanted a piece of wood that would sort of grasp the three cabinets just like the top of a shoe box.

After discussing the project with my husband, we decided to built just that, and for this we bought at The Home Depot a Pressure Treated Lumber 2 in. x 12 in. x 8 ft. To start, we needed to hollow 1/2" of this piece from the bottom part, which will allow it to perfectly sit on top of the cabinets without interfering with the door. We left a border of 3/4" around the wood as you can see in the diagram above.

A box helps the router stay in its place
A box helps the router stay in its place

To start hollowing out the piece of lumber, my husband made a mold (or box) where the router would sit and that preserved the 3/4" of the side borders. This box allowed him to move from side to side and upward.

A box helps move the router
Almost there! Just 1/8" more and we are good to go!
After he finished working this area, he sanded the piece and cut the excess length to fit the area. We then stained the wood using Varathane Stain in Golden Oak.

Top wood piece of cabinets
The grain of this wood really added an additional level of texture to this cabinet, now a sideboard. The wood hurricane lantern adds the final touch. You can find similar ones here:

This top wood really fitted like a glove. Everything now looks like one piece and the color of the stain goes perfectly well with the rest of the space. To end up the look of the cabinets, I added some brass pulls from Target.

Sideboards in dining area for storage

Now I can proudly say that we pulled an "Ikea Hack"! Have you upgraded the look of an Ikea piece?

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A quick review for Martha and Marley Spoon

Jul 26, 2017

Steak and potatoes ingredients

Martha and Marley Spoon is our first "dinner in a box" service. In the past we've seeing a couple of similar programs and while many of them have a pretty convincing ad or beautiful images, I have to say that what sold us into this was the name and face behind it all; Martha Stewart! Knowing how delicious her recipes are (I've tried several with success) we really wanted to have a real taste of some of her best recipes.

Martha and Marley Spoon recipe sheet

For our first week we order the Pan Roasted Zucchini, Steak and Potatoes and Skillet Ravioli Lasagna. When the Martha and Marley Spoon box arrived we had a look at the ingredients and were so happy to see how neatly wrapped was everything and how fresh it all looked. Yesterday we did the Pan Roasted Zucchini and have to say that it really surprised us! At the beginning, we had our doubts about the portions (we ordered for two). But once done and we finished eating, we truly felt fulfilled. We've never tried this interesting mix of ingredients and wow, this recipe really blew our minds! The roasted pecans gave this toasty taste, just YUM!

Fresh Garlic and Shallots

Today we did the Steak and Potatoes recipe and again, portions were perfect as well as the taste.

Martha and Marley Spoon Recipe Sheet 2

I'm really looking forward to our next recipe and to many more. I was telling my husband how interesting these recipes from Martha and Marley Spoon are and how easy to do they've all proven to be. Before this I would have never thought I could have a savory weekday dinner like this. I now know I want to repeat these two delicious recipes soon.

Steak and Potatoes dish

Have you met Martha and Marley Spoon?

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