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Merry little spaces

Finding inspiration for decorating your home during Christmas season, shouldn’t be that difficult. Just look around and everywhere you will see magazines, ads even shop windows with picture perfect ideas that might make your eyes tear a little bit.
Sure one thing is finding inspiration, and another putting hands on task but in a budget. Today I’m presenting to you some fun and easy ideas that can be done with things you find around your house even from past Christmases.

On one of my first posts I presented you with some of my favorite nooks in my apartment. Today I just transformed one of them with things I had around and some pine cones I found outside my cousin’s house.
I started this special merry little space by using an old garland as the base for my other ornaments. This garland came with small Christmas balls but you can glue some to yours. To add some clarity and glitz to the area, I placed a mirror. Since my space is near a large window at my living room, it reflects the incoming light giving the whole area a special brightness.
To complement the whole look, I added the rest of my old ornaments: a “cookie-like” star, a giant red jingle bell, some branch stars and the fabulous pine cones. I only bought the big silver cardboard star (around $13 at IKEA) and the mercury glass vase (50% off at Michael’s).

This mercury glass vase can be easily made with some Home Depot products and an old glass vase that might be around your home. I have a similar project you can view here.

The ginger men who knocked at my door

While trying to figure out what to put on my door that was beautiful and on my budget; I came across one of Martha Stewart’s brilliant ideas of a ginger man cookie Christmas wreath.
My version of the ginger men wreath came with buttons and a not so perfect little figures but, it really looks nice. For this you will need a basic gingerbread cookies recipe and a ribbon.
After making the cookie dough, put all your little men in a circle making sure their hands touch and pressing a little bit this part to make sure that when they are bake they’ll stick together. After taking this out of the oven, wait for it to cool down. Now you can be as creative as you want by decorating each little guy.
Insert the ribbon up and down each ginger men and make a bow at the end leaving some space for it to hang. Most of these ingredients I already had in my pantry, so it was a great low-cost project. This is a nice thing to do with your partner or even with the kids. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!
Let me know if you try this and if you can come up with some inexpensive great ideas for decorating any space during Christmas!

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