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Bipolar toss pillow

Have you notice how lately almost everything around us comes with the slogan “reduce, reuse and recycle”? It is interesting to see how this frase is so catchy that even some fabrics we used in our homes are x% made from reclycle material.

Not so long ago I had the opportunity of designing some areas for a Caribbean hotel in Puerto Rico which main theme was sustainability. I remember using burlap (or sackcloth) as accents in different spots of this resort. For example I designed an “Isabelino” sofa with its cushions upholstered in burlap but the one used as coffee sacks. This look came out looking very luxurious but yet modern and eco-friendly. 

Even the interior designer Sabrina Soto has a vintage inspired collection in Target stores in which she uses sackcloth in some of her furniture pieces. As you can see, burlap is a very modern twist to any sofa, stool or even decorative pillows.

Sabrina Soto Stool

This Sabrina Soto’s stool was design for Target stores and is part of the Euro Vintage collection. They ran out of this furniture piece almost the minute it was available online, but you can find similar ones in the internet. Just remember to search for burlap or sackcloth.

This Euro Vintage collection also had some other exquisite pieces like the classic Wing chair or a lamp shade both also upholster with burlap.

The bipolar toss pillow

For some time now, I’ve been looking around for a decorative pillow made out of burlap but have notice that prices are a little too high. So, I came out with my own version of a toss pillow.

For this one I used two different fabrics; one on each side because I wanted to maximized its use. One of the sides has red and white stripes and is very practical for a nautical space or even for a Christmas decor.

On the other side I created a vintage design with some old french cursive writing from The Graphics Fairy and over it, three colored silhouettes over a burlap-kind-of fabric. After designing in my computer the composition, I printed it out on a transfer sheet and ironed it on the fabric before sewing the pillow together. 

The vintage side of the toss pillow.

The other side of the pillow, with the red and white stripes converging at the center creating an interesting pattern.

This pillow was very easy to do and the best part is that because it has to different sides, you can mix-and-match in different areas of your house.

The pretty but expensive ones

Old Village Hall Decorative Pillow

From The Old Village Hall, they have tons of beautiful and luxurious pillows.

Jolie Marche

At Jolie Marche they have a big selection of burlap decorative pillows with vintage drawings of different themes.


Etsy is a gread website where you can find different styles of handmade burlap decorative pillows. This one is from Yiayia’s store.

This is the GIVEAWAY!!!

This is the first giveaway of my blog, and quite frankly I’m really excited about this! I’m giving away the “Bipolar toss pillow” I’ve made. In order to be eligible for this you’ll have to:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog about were would you put the pillow if you win it.
  2. Like my Facebook page and/or follow me on Twitter. Then write were you are following.

The winner will be announced on January 5, 2012. I wish you all luck!

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