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Change of shades

Need an instant makeover for your side table? Easy task, just change the lamp shade! It is the best way to give an instant wow-factor to any room. Besides this, play and mingle with little figurines, decorative pillows, and anything you can find around the house that can serve as display in the table. Remember we all have hidden treasures around; we just need to find them.

Before you run to your nearest department store to buy a new lamp shade, keep in mind the following:

  1. Size: A rule of thumb for all shades is that it should be wider than the base and long enough to cover the electrical parts (about 3/4” the height of the base). If not, it will look out of proportion. Also, if near to a wall, it should be separated from it at least 10”.
  2. Color: Two things to take in consideration: the color of the shade and how do you want the light of the lamp to be cast. Depending on the amount of light needed in the area; pick a light color (for darker rooms or if you prefer a very light space) or a dark one (if the room receives to much natural light or if the mood you want to provoke in the area is a dimmer one).
  3. Shape: Lamp shades come in different forms. Some of these are oval, drum, rectangular or square. Right now the drum is the mostly use in contemporary spaces.

    Here is a video from the Martha Stewart Show where she talks about lamps and gives pretty nice suggestions for shades.

    4 shades, 1 lamp

    Here are my 4 versions for the same lamp. Each one of them changes the area mood completely just by changing its shade.

    Joyfully speaking, this shade can bring bliss to any area. I combined its pipping tone with other primary colors. But if you are not a big fan of these, maybe an eco friendly display might tickle your fancy. Just add small succulents or even terrariums to the table.

    Glamour-ify the space. Want to infuse the air of a space with allure? Use silver. This shade made with a resplendent fabric is a good choice when wanting to obtain a little luxury touch. Try adding some mercury vases or figurines.

    White on white. Although it might be a little boring for some, try mixing different textures. Here I played with the corrugated surface of the shade, the owl and even the vase pattern. All of these pieces make a great composition because you keep the eye dancing between each one of them.

    Zen-like. A simple white drum form of shade is the best to combine in any room. Since I already had the blue jewel tone cushion, I added the elephant for the mood I wanted to obtain. This can be easily turned into a reading corner. 

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