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Exhibit A: Entryway

A good friend of mine came with this photo asking for some suggestions. Here is her description of the picture as emailed:

The basket you see on the ground is from West Elm, and I got it to place my internet equipment. Also, the long black cable needs to be replaced with a white one and be stretched and pinned to the wall. Lastly, the table is actually a desk from Ikea that I put together as well as the mirror”.

Well my dear friend K. I would like to start by saying that I love everything in there. The lamp adds great illumination to the space even more because it is translucent. Also, round mirrors are so hot right now, and because of its simplicity, they go almost anywhere. And lastly, the table is of clean lines which make it very modern.

Now for the details

In this area I would first put the lamp on the other side of the table (left). Because that side is darker (or at least is what I see in the photo) and taller (remember you have a handrail that gives the illusion of a false ceiling), the lamp will function better at illuminating that spot. 

Now, you have to decide either if you would like this area to be balanced or asymmetric. Right now it is asymmetric and I love it! To complete this look you will need to ad some books, photo frames, plants, small figurines or even memorabilia to the other side of the lamp.  This will give your guests a feeling of coziness.

Here are some excellent examples of similar areas with asymmetric attitude. 


On the left side of the table I would put a chair. It doesn’t need to be fabulous. Even a vintage one will do and it can be found at thrifty stores. Try to select one with similar colors as the West Elm basket. 

This chair, besides being a decorative element, will be very functional too because you can leave there some books, your coat or anything that needs to be at arm’s reach.

If it tickles your fancy

If you ever get tired of your round mirror, here I’m leaving you with some fun projects that can easily be made with just branches or even paint sticks.

Centsational Girl

From Centsational Girl, she used paint sticks to make the rays of the mirror. Easy task!

Girl vs the world

Joy from Girl vs the World used on her project shims. Although it might look difficult, she makes instructions very easy to follow.

Michelle Paige

This one is on my “up-coming” projects list. With just driftwood, an old mirror and some hot glue; Michelle Paige explains how easy it is to make a mirror similar to the ones at Crate and Barrel.

So, my dear friend K. thank you for sharing your photos. I hope this has helped you. Please feel free to ask if still in doubt. 

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