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1 owl, 2 owls, 3 owls…collections

How much is too much? Lately I’ve found myself collecting owls. I don’t know why but almost anything owl-like, grabs my attention. I try to display them in different areas to mentally deny my craze. But surely enough, it only takes a trip to Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or Pier One to remember myself  ”I need just another one”.

Here is a nice collection of picture with wonderful ideas on how to display your latest fixation.


Display your kids art on the wall. The different colors in them will save you painting the wall. (Image from Pinterest)


This is a great collection of world globes. It can easily go on your library or office, on top of your bookcases or even on your mantle. (Image from Real Simple)


This is a great example of a hat collection. Nicely organize, they can be display as a decorative element too. Try this “S” idea with your favorite vintage plates. (Image from House Beautiful)

Love the green bottles? Try putting them in a pretty old box, or better yet in a vintage drawer. Decorate them with flowers and place this display on a ottoman in your family room. (Image from Martha Stewart)

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