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Natural streaks

By now I will assumed that everybody knows about Pinterest. I have a dear friend whose newest hobby/addiction is this website. For her, it is a love and hate situation because she really loves the site, but hates the long hours she spends there day dreaming an pinning.

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity of visiting, Pinterest is like a giant inspiration board in which people from around the world post photos they find interesting for others to like, repin, or just drool over. The themes are very diverse but well categorize. You can find your dream living room but also a good recipe for tonight’s dinner.

If you’ve never been there, make sure you have a friend who has because it is with invitation only that you can access this blissful place. If you can’t find a friend over there, send me your email and I’ll make sure you get your VIP pass.

In one of my not-so-short visits, I found this beautiful wall art and immediately got hooked by it’s simplicity and natural lines. So I decided to make my own and show you the step by steps. 

Let’s get moving

  1. Plywood panel 
    (mine was cut 2’x2’ but you can adapt the size to your liking)
  2. Old watercolor brushes
  3. Leftover wall paint (you can use any color, mine was white but would have prefered to try another hue)

Before you start painting, try to select which streaks you would like to give color to. I recomend you make a little mark with a pencil on each line you want to paint. The idea is to create a pattern using the natural wood grain of the plank. 


As you can see, the finish product is a beautiful art with painted natural streaks (kind of a zebra effect). The best part is that this piece can be placed horizontal or vertical depending on the impression you want to provoke.

In my case I added a small shelf and a pretty little girl porcelain vase both available at CB2. Here is how it looks when finished. I’m planning on using it later as a reminder board since pushpins work very well on this wood. Hope you like this idea!

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