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From a pouf, to a baby room

I’ve always been a huge fan of Moroccan poufs. When my second baby was on its way, I didn’t have a clue about how to decorate her room (shame on me being an interior decorator!). The only thing I was sure of was the fact that I wanted one of those beautiful and brightly colored pouf. And as you are guessing, I ran I bought one. Now, how do I decorate a room base only on one circular Mediterranean small ottoman?
It is a big dilemma when we get dazzle up with an item and from there, sometimes we don’t have an idea on how to select the rest of the pieces for a particular area on our home. I had the same difficulty when I started with my pouf. But I figured I had to go with something else and decided to start looking for fabrics.
In a nursery room the possibilities of textiles are endless. I found on Etsy several merchants that made customized crib bedding. After searching for fabrics here and there, I ended up with Lil’ Slumber because, even though, they didn’t carry the textile I wanted, they got it for me.

1. Fabric from Fabricworm 2. Moroccan pouf from Baboucheshop

As you can see from the picture above, the fabric I selected had almost the same pattern as the yellow pouf. From here on, selecting the other items was an easier task. There is a repetition of form through most of the pieces I selected for my baby room. This form is the circle. One would have thought that putting circles all around will end up looking to crowded. But the truth is that it all will depend on the way the circles are put together. Here are samples of where you can find this form throughout the room. Seeing it as a whole will give you and idea of how to make a subtle repetition.

 1. Owl decal from Pier1 2. Red circular garden lamps from HomeGoods. 3. Circular drawer pulls.  4. Die-cut plywood wall decor

Another thing to considered when organizing or decorating a room is the color. Color plays a big role in the space. Keep in mind that a color can make a room look smaller or bigger. But if you are not so sure as if to put certain hues on your walls, keep it simple and use it on your pieces. In my baby’s room I opted for some white colored walls because my items were very bright and vivid. I left these items be the main characters of the room instead of the walls. As you can see, color also was a repeated element on the room. It was present on the crib bumper, on the owl decals (which are also of circular forms) and on the crib skirt. Always remember to pay extra attention to repetition and color. Both of these elements of design can make a room look beautiful and organize at the same time. If you have a dilemma like mine, please feel free to write to me so I can help you out!

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