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My geometric lamp

I’m always looking for ways to entertain myself, whether doing a new project or figuring out how to change once again my “quasi” entryway. Recently while flipping the pages of the latest Elle Magazine a picture attract my attention. More than the picture, what made me stop and stare was a beautiful lamp.

This lamp was so modern and geometric, I knew I had to do something. Nicole Fuller designed this room for Erin Beatty collaborator for SUNO-Brand, a New York base womenswear label.

After much analyzing this sculpture beauty, I grabed my notebook and pencil and started sketching. Finally, after much doodling, I convert my drawings into a digital template. The final results, I might say, came out very nice. Here is the tutorial and templates. Hope you enjoy yourself doing it!

How to:

The list of materials is very simple. Because I was so exited doing this lamp, I completely forgot to take a picture of the materials. But here is the list:

  1. foam board 20”x30”
  2. exacto knife
  3. metal rule
  4. Styro glue
  5. electrical cord set

The first thing to do is to download the template here (for the lamp) and here (for the lamp’s end). I made this template to be printed on a tabloid size paper (11”x17”) but you can adapt it to your convenience.

After you download the templates the next step is to glue it on the foam board with a repositionable mounting spray because after you finish cutting, you will want to remove the template paper from the lamp. Use caution when using the exacto knife.

I placed some dash lines on the lamp template. Don’t cut those ones yet. Leave them for the end because these lines are not for cutting completely. When doing this lines, make sure not to pass the exacto knife entirely to the end. The idea is to bend that part of the lamp (the first layer of carton and the foam) while still having some of the carton on the foam board to support it. Here is a picture of how it will look.

Now that you have everything cut, lets prepare the flap that unites the lamp sides. Select one of the flaps. Then cut off the first layer of cardboard and the foam (what will remain is the bottom layer of cardboard).

Bend the dash lines that were half cut to give the lamp its form. Glue the previously cut flap together to unite the sides of the lamp.

For the lamp’s ends, I’ve placed 3 ends in the template sheet. The number 1 goes on the top (the one with the circle), the number 2 on the base of the first lamp, and the number 3 on the base of the second lamp. If you are going to do two lamps like the example on Nicole Fuller’s designed room, use the 3 ends. If you are going to do only one lamp, use 1 and 3. Don’t worry if when you cut off the circle, it end up looking like mine because the cord will cover this.

After you finish gluing and the lamp is dry, you can decide if you want to keep it white or paint it. The final steps are to remove the template paper and to put the electrical cord in. Although I did only one lamp, if you ask me, I think mine turned out pretty good. I must confess, I wish I’ve tried this lamp using a different kind of material. Maybe balsa sheets or even a strong type of cardboard. Let me know what you think!

This is how it looks turn on.

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