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Color, the posibilities are endless

The other night, while on my part-time job as a blog spy, I discover the epiphany of color and design. My sighting was made on the April and May Studios Blog, more especifically on her post “Hello Sunshine”. In it she presented several beautiful photos that highlighted the color yellow. But the one with the wicker yellow chair, won my heart.

Suddenly I thought of ways this can be apply to the everyday living pieces around us and, like every good detective, I did my Pinterest and Google research. The end result was a handpicked selection of new and imaginary furniture which I then digitally painted. The best part is that, in real life this items are very affordable; so it would not hurt a bit to paint them.

Here are my TOP 5. I added the color numbers from Benjamin Moore paint for reference only. 

1. Hulto rattan chair $69.99 IKEA
2. AGEN children armchair $19.99  IKEA
Round rattan baskets $99.99 Target

PS Gullholmen banana fiber $59.99 IKEA

Storsele rattan $119.99  IKEA

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    Graham Oakman
    December 6, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    You can buy 1 thing from this list and feel like a designer, even if you have to pay a lot of money

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