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Chevron: lines with a rank

It is everywhere lately. You can find it on purses, pants, shoes, toss pillows…and now it is on my wall. I’m talking about Chevron lines or patterns. If you haven’t stumble upon it, now is your opportunity to admire this new design trend. Read on to see some nice examples and my how to.

Not only that this pattern has been found on antique Greece pottery and palaces but also used in the army to indicate different ranks on oficials and soldiers. Nowadays it is a decorating statement in many of our houses. Here are some nice inspiration pictures with Chevron lines:

A home blog  Sabbe Spot

Urban Outfitters  Chevron comforter

For my tutorial all you’ll need is:

My before wall was in need of something else. After seeing so many nice examples on the internet, I decided that it was time for a Chevron intervention. So, here it is bare naked ”après”.

I started to measured and to do my mathematical calculations. On my wall what I masked were the future Chevron lines because I wanted them white. I used for each line 2 strips of the Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape (1.5”). The rest of the wall was painted with Behr paint in Dolphin Fin color. I gave the wall two hands because I wanted the gray to be a tad darker.


And this is the end result.

If you have a Chevron article in your house, share it with us and post it on my Facebook page at

THANKS to ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for sending me their wonderful product for reviewing it. This was really fun!

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