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What I want now: garden stools

Original art by Lindsey Meyer

Lately everywhere I go, stores are fill with new merchandise for Spring. Color is all over the places and it seems that gardening is the main topic. Since I live in an apartment and the only plants I take care of are two succulents and one orchid; I can not fill my living space with garden stuff. Or can I?

Jean Allsopp Photo  Pinterest

In comes the garden stool! This seating thing for gardens is now very popular among interior spaces. You can find it made in ceramic, metal and even wood; pop color or the old fashion white. The only thing I know is that I can not live a minute longer without one. 

My Design Chic

Ken Gemes Studios

I found many cute ones around the web. Although it is spring and colors are the order of the day, my focal fixation are whites just because this color can go anywhere you put it.

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