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A Greek lesson, or two..

While daydreaming about my family’s next vacation, I ended up in Greece. I’ve never been there physically, but mentally I can say I have lots of “frequent flyer” perks. Never the less, I know one day I’ll travel there to see one of the most ancient, intriguing and fascinating spots on the planet. Who wouldn’t want to stay in one of those beautiful bay-side hotels all white inside and out, while gazing the sunset over the best blue horizon. I’m in!!!

Now that I came back from my imaginary travel, I realize I can bring part or Greece to my family room. Maybe adding some Greek Key pattern to my cream curtains will make me feel like a goddess. 

Here are some great examples on how to incorporate this theme in an interior space. Notice the little Greek details. Even Zeus would be jealous of these spaces.

Betsy Brown

Tish Key ID  Caitlin Wilson Design  Gold and Gray

For this project I used some Ikea curtain panels that are made of a sturdy jean-like fabric which makes them perfect for painting. With my ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape on hand, I started to make the Greek key pattern.

My before curtains were looking nice but missing something.

What I masked was the part that I did not want to have color on. Using a long strip of tape, I marked where the pattern will begin. After finishing with the design, I took that guide out. Because I did not want a drastic look on my curtains, the color used on them was regular flat wall paint in a light color (Behr Dolphin Fin… yes… again!). Using a sponge brush on the first curtain, I notice it was a little bit slow and difficult to handle. So, for the second curtain panel I used a small paint roller. It leaves an even trace on the fabric and glides better. To help settle the paint when it was completely dry, I iron each panel. This will help the color to last longer on the fabric when they are put on the machine.


I believe that, although my design isn’t perfectly squared as the Greek keys, it adds a lot of personality to my curtains. Even my little one liked them! Have you tried painting your curtains or any fabric lately? If so, share it here. I would really love to see your work.

I would like to send a BIG THANKS to ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for sending me their wonderful product for reviewing it. I certainly had a blast with these projects I’ve been doing.


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