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1. Image courtesy of House Beautiful 2. Créme de Menthe 16-5919 Pantone 3. “The bright color helps bounce the light around” James Aman; color Tasty Apple 416 Benjamin Moore, image from House Beautiful 4. “This green is striking, and has enough presence to glue together all three floors of this 1800s Greenwich Village town house” Steven Gambrel, image from House Beautiful 5. “[Green is] grateful to the eye” George Washington; color Small Dining Room Green MV3 from Fine Paints of Europe, image from House Beautiful

The Spring edition of House Beautiful is all about the green color. The March issue gives readers dozens of easy ways to bring the hue into their homes. From decorators’ favorite shades to fantastic rooms that will make you green with envy, the magazine shows readers why they should be keen for green.

“As the pages of our March issue attest, there is an astonishing spectrum in green, from citrus to aquamarine,” says House Beautiful Editor in Chief Newell Turner. “Green has many moods—romantic, happy, calming, mysterious—and there is no other color more natural. Before spring arrives, I find myself starved for color, especially all the greens. Who isn’t amazed when trees explode in every shade imaginable?”.

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