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Dreaming of an Ombre

Sounds weird but the truth is that this new tendency of degradation has got me thinking about it lately. And I have to figured a way to do it.

For those of you who don’t know what is ombre, simply put, it is a degradation of a hue. Almost all the time it goes from a darker color to a lighter one. Here are some ideas on where this popular decoration trend is being used.

Ombre lamp shade  

Both are beautiful lamp shades. 1. Yellow and orange lamp shade from I still love you 2. Coral color ombre lamp shade from Martha Stewart.

Blue Sky wallpaper from Brett Design Wallpaper  Martha Stewart

1. Beautiful ombre wallpaper in Blue Sky from Brett Design Wallpaper 2. Relaxing bed sheets and pillow covers in a degradation of blue from Martha Stewart

With these ideas in mind, I’ve decided I’ll make some toss pillows using this ombre technique. Before I start, the area has to be settle with some old newspapers to save the floor from staining. I’m going to be using Tulip Fabric Dye to stain some muslin fabric. The instructions for this procedure are on the back of the pack and are really easy to follow. The only things you will need are a big bowl (but you can also use a stainless steel sink), fabric dye, salt and the fabric. 

For the mixture you’ll need 1/4 cup of salt and (of course) the dye powder. To this you will add one gallon of very hot water and make sure that the salt and powder are well diluted. 


In goes the fabric

Since I wanted the effect to be seen from the middle down, I placed half the fabric inside the bowl. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then pulled part of it out, leaving inside about 1/2 of the all ready colored fabric. 15 minutes after I pulled again some fabric out now leaving in only 1/3 part. After 15 minutes more, I pulled the fabric completely out of the bowl and rinse it in cold water. 


The end result is a degradation of the gray hue I selected that ended looking more like a blue. It gives a jean like effect to my muslin fabric. I really love it! With this fabric I did two pillows and added little embroidered seagulls.


This is an easy project that can be done on almost any fabric. I would love to do it again on pillow cases or even on some bath towels. Try this project and let me know how it came out and were did you used it.

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