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I wish it was mine…

What’s not to love about this bathroom? It almost feels like an invitation to come in an relax. I really adore how everything is centered and how the Venetian mirror is well combined with the chandelier and the lustrous bathtub. The rug has also some sparkling threads on it.

What I’m about to revel to you are some of the best (in my humble opinion and for my taste) designed bathrooms; and really, I wish any of those were mine. You see, I have a personal challenge and it is to remodel or update my master bathroom. But the challenge is not only that, the real dare is that I can not remove or change anything on it. WHAT?!?!?!?! Yes, you read right! This is because I live in a rented apartment and I can only make minimal alterations to the space. But for me, this should not be a challenge at all; or is it? The only thing I’m sure of is the fact that I’ll keep all of you posted on these subtle changes. In the meantime here are my favorite WC. My tendency as you will see are the modern-antique-spa like ones. Let me know which are your favorites.

In a more muted tone, this space is all about textures. I can almost feel the wood grain on the door and how this surface is repeated on the cornice on top of the shower. The walls and the vanity resemble the soft pale skin of the shell dish.
1. Antique bathroom with a woodsy feeling. 2. Loving the use of wood on the wall. Perfect combination with the tin bathtub.
How beautiful are these old mirrors over the white wall on a simple space. Gorgeous! This is a great idea; to give second chances to old stuff around your house. If you don’t have any old mirrors looking like this, here is my easy tutorial on how to transform a new mirror into a vintage one. 
Bring nature inside. It doesn’t have to be a tree. With just some simple air plants, succulents or even the so popular Sansevieria trifasciata better known as Snake plant; the room will acquired a more relax eco-friendly look.

So there you have it! Some beautiful examples of great bathrooms. If you want to see my collection of WC, please visit my Pinterest board. I’ve put on it pretty tiles and excellent examples of accessories arrangement all for the bath area.

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