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Neon flashback!

Neon bedroom

Apparently the 80’s are back an not just in fashion, but also in the interiors. Neon splashes of color have been showing here and there. You can now find a beautiful kitchen but instead of its regular contemporary metal or wood chairs, the pink neon ones. Before, if you wanted to get notice in your neighborhood you painted the front door red; now, paint it neon green.

Neon colors are not just for kids anymore. Some like it hot neon while others, like myself; just a hint. But I have something for everybody. From entire walls, to small lamps; here is the coolest neon collection you’ll find on the internet. Take caution with your eyes!!!

Green door 1  Gree door 2

Hot pink neon door  Hot pink neon door 2

Shut the front door Beautiful well put front doors that go from the extra lime green to the totally hot pink.

Thonet chair  Yellow neon chair  Pink neon chair

Interesting chairs From the contemporary to the new twist on period chairs.

Space 1  Space 2

Space 3

Space 4  Space 4b

Add a little or a lot Maybe you are a fan of the neon pink, so go ahead and paint a wall. But if you only like it a little, select some accessories that can complement your space. You’ll see that, like in the picture above, the color will pop instantly converting the piece into a conversational one.

Neon lamp 1  Neon lamp 2  Neon lamp 3

Lamps to smile about I would love to add one of these lamps in my living room. They can brighten any corner of the house even when off. Also excellent choices for the room or the little ones.

Dining 1  Dinning 2

Dining 3

A balance meal In the dining room, color is always a great idea. You can use it on the furniture or as a wallpaper.

If you still undecided about this new trend, visit my Pinterest Neon Board were you will find more great ideas on how to use and incorporate these colors on your everyday surroundings. 

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