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A bathroom inspiration board

Top right, down: Candice Olson for Benjamin Moore wall paints ; lamp from Lighting Showplace; a similar garden stool can be found in HomeGoods; the patterns ideas were found on Google and the apothecary jars can also be found in HomeGoods
Here is my bathroom style sheet or inspiration board proposal. As you’ll notice, I try to keep every detail very cut clean. The colors are all serene hues, and most of the items are either transparent or white. I’ve decided to use this palette since my bathroom is a little dark (no natural light) and I wanted to preserve the illusion of a big space, not a small one. I’ve always admire a space that resembles a spa or that has a vintage look. For reference see my previous post I wish it was mine.
Remember that my main purpose with this project is to make a non-invasive transformation. That is why I’ll work with decorative accents and maybe some wall paint. Hope you like it and as always, let me know what you think. Your comments are always greatly appreciated.

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