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Plants have always fascinated me. Every time I get the chance to visit my nearest hardware store, it is a requirement to pay a visit to the garden area and enjoy all those green and full of life plants. While being there, time seems to stop and it feels like heaven. Since I live in an apartment, the only plants I get to enjoy are my neighbor’s backyard and can’t help to daydream about the day I’ll have my own Secret Garden.

Looking for options to make my daydream come true, I found Angela an urban farmer and owner of Eden Condensed. She specializes in custom edible and ornamental garden designs and installation for small spaces. And who better than her to advise me on how to bring green to my indoors.

Angela gave me some great options for indoor plants as well as some pointers on how to take care of them. Here are her TOP 6

“Indoor plants are very beneficial to indoor environments and can clean a number of toxins from the air.  However, most of these plants are toxic to some degree so it is important to keep them out of the reach of pet s and children”, says Angela from Eden Condensed

I would like to thank Angela for taking the time to share such a wonderful  
information with us. If you would like to know more about  her great work; you can visit Eden Condensed or find her on Facebook

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